3 Dead After Montreal Street Fight In The Plateau-Mont Royal

Something happened between 2018 and today that sparked gang violence. With shootings taking place almost weekly in the borough, stabbings more frequently, it’s hard to say what made the change. Was it rap music? Or was it the state of the city since Valerie Plante came in and solely focused on bicycle paths? Either way, Montreal has witnessed an onslaught of stabbings and shootings within the recent 5 years. There’s no denying it, and I highly doubt it’ll slow down within the future.

This past week has been a doozy for the SPVM, with 7 murders taking place, whether it stem from conjugal violence, mental illness or gang violence. It’s safe to say, Montreal hasn’t witnessed this type of violence since the 1970’s. A very different type of violence though, in the ’70’s Montreal was the bank robbery capitol of the world. Nowadays, it seems to be gangs that lead way to the violence taking part in the city. This is the story of how 3 individuals were murdered after taking part in a street fight on the Plateau-Mont Royal borough of the city. This is clearly a new era of Canadian crime, in the ’80’s and ’90’s, biker gangs prevailed, in the 2000’s, it was the mafia. Might it be safe to say that nowadays, it’s the street gangs?

The incident took place near 7pm on Tuesday (21/05/2024). Initially, authorities and media had thought that the three injured were in their 20’s. Upon further inspection, this proved not to be the point. The kerfuffle took place near the intersection of Rue Saint-Andre and Rue de Mentana in the Plateau-Mont Royal borough of Montreal, located just minutes away from Rosemont.

A screenshot from a video filmed by someone in an apartment close by.

Upon the arrival of the beat cops, they found 3 individuals suffering from stab wounds. The spokesperson for the SPVM had stated that the three individuals involved were immediately transported to a hospital.

Suspects had fled in a Communauto, a program where individuals rent a car for a certain amount of time. Authorities saw this taking place and decided to pursue the rental vehicle. Being stuck at a red light, and having the cherries go off on the cop car made the suspects take flight on foot. The rental vehicle then ran into a tree as the suspects fled on foot. Maxime Chabrier, who was taking a drink at the P’tit Caribou Bar, noted.

The three victims of this vicious street fight consist of Ahmed Ouilal, who was only 15 years old, Alexandre Vatamanu, 23 years old and Ulrick Peterson Celestin who was 25. It is confirmed that this was NOT a street gang conflict but rather a fight which started for personal reasons. 15 year old Ahmed Ouilal had initiated the fight between the two groups involving a total of 8 people. Ouilal was known to the beat cops of the Plateau.

Ouilal was stabbed along with Alexandre Vatamanu and Ulrick Peterson Celestin. Celestin had no affiliation with the career criminal Jean-Philippe Celestin. The event marked the city of Montreal’s 14th, 15th & 16th murder of 2024. Officers spent the night looking for evidence, mainly the murder weapons but no arrests were made as of yet. A witness stated how she had seen someone bring out a plumbing wrench throughout the episode.

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9 days ago

The video at the end keeps repeating itself and changing times. going back and forth

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