Abbotsford PD Standoff: Steve Wong 🎥


We were alerted by several different individuals on a crazy stand-off that was being broadcasted on TikTok live. The user (Punjabi) had filmed almost 3+ hours of the scene, and stated how it had been going on since 2pm. Due to us catching onto the incident very early, we have over 30 minutes of footage to deliver to our audience.

Keep in mind that this same street is the same one that the Atwal brothers used to live in:

Long story short – Abby PD responded to what looks like a mental crisis call. Steve Wong is the alleged individual who is holed up in his residence, in which is surrounded by the entire city’s police force. After watching the footage, you should be able to easily determine why our police force is mostly useless; and why tax-paying dollars are being wasted on officers eating snicker bars.

WE wanted to break down the videos and caption them specifically, but it was going to take too long to compress each clip. It was decided to just upload it all as one big/long video. We’ll upload it on reddit with it’s original specs (that we didn’t have to compress to upload on website).

The following footage may not be suitable for all viewers. Viewer discretion is advised ????


2/3 –

3/3 –

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We are back for good. New wave. New season. ????

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