Alberta’s FK Gang Is Now A Laughing Stock

Many videos regarding the Alberta scene (and specific FK incidents) CAN BE FOUND HERE:

In recent months, our platform has seen an influx of videos and posts filled with gruesome, ruthless, graphic, and disturbing content. Most of these violent scenarios involve the FK gang in Alberta, who now almost always appear as victims.

Many years ago in Calgary, Alberta, the FK gang held a formidable stronghold in the underworld. Known for their ruthlessness, they swiftly eliminated any competition or threats. These Asian gangsters, likely bolstered by their financial resources, were increasingly attracting the attention of law enforcement due to the hitman saga they had popularized.

The FOB gang – Original (FK was created similar to how BIBO was created – sole purpose of creation was to eliminate FOB members) – We will be releasing an update on the two gangs in the coming weeks. Trong Nguyen was the last name to have fallen in terms of the FOB VS FK war:

It’s ironic how the world turns. A criminal organization once notorious for their gruesome and tormenting methods is now on the receiving end. In the past few months, we’ve witnessed more FK associates being extorted and victimized than ever before.

And no, they’re not only victims in this sense:

They have been victimized on numerous occasions, with some incidents being extremely disturbing to the average viewer. Therefore, viewer discretion is strongly advised.

It appears that the gang’s shift to a more multicultural approach has backfired, causing them to plummet from the top of the food chain to the bottom in just a few years.

Here are a few members who have drawn negative attention to the organization:

Having shifted from targeting their opponents’ family members, to now being the targets; the FK gang has had to recently pay nearly half a million dollars. The reason? Failure to pay results in a member of their organization losing a finger—or worse.

They’ve either run out of cash flow or grown weary of having to pay for the release of a member seemingly every other week.

Rumours in the underworld suggest that the FK gang, having been left with no other option, is now cooperating with law enforcement. They’ve already teased the idea of “feds already being on it”, before agreeing to the 100k release. (can be found HERE)

Just recently (48 hours ago), an anonymous user submitted a series of recordings depicting 2 FK members held hostage. It is currently unclear on whether they are still held captive or not. 🔞


One of our content creators that was in contact with the anonymous source believes that the two are still held captive. And that’s because he received another two videos, one of them which we will be making available to you: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC 🔞

It’s a frightening world that these gangsters inhabit, but it’s a choice they all make. The harsh reality is that only your blood family will stand by you when things get tough. Your ‘crew’, like FK, will often turn a blind eye when you need help. Let’s hope the FK gang can figure out a way to get these guys released.

When it comes to the FK gang, their concerns extend far beyond embarrassing videos like the recent ones that have surfaced:

The days of FK having any sort of respect in the underworld are long gone. They’re being taxed the highest prices, robbed, kidnapped, and victimized on a daily basis. Something must’ve happened behind the scenes for them to have targets on their back. It’s an ongoing investigation.

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We’re consistent again.


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