Alex Bodger 🤡 Thread:

*If you are looking for the write-ups or videos to the other knife attacks that we had covered in the last few days, such as the metro station incident, or the terrorist act on the Surrey bus; those will not be found on this thread. Check our website in the next few hours for specific releases on both situations.*

Don’t even know where to start with this scum-bag, but it’s important to understand that we had no idea on who this character was prior to the whole Starbucks incident:


If you’re new, which you probably aren’t; then here’s a little breakdown on what exactly occurred:

A married man was with his wife and 3 year old child at a Starbucks in Vancouver, when he allegedly asked another individual (indo-canadian) to stop smoking a vape outside the entrance. Now – we understand that there’s a lot of different takes on this, but because we are who we are; we will let you guys know that the man simply didn’t do any harm. He had his baby present with him, while his wife was getting her order fulfilled inside the Starbucks. Like any man in this world would (unless you don’t have balls), I too would ask someone to stop smoking a vape in front of my 3 year old kid; especially when they could just walk a few steps away from disrupting the public. Now a lot of controversy regarding the murder weapon has surrounded the victim and the suspect, and until we don’t hear from the actual court itself; we won’t make a statement on this. However, we will share the popular rumours that were spreading:

So where does Mr. Bodger the ???? come into play? Well he’s the bright one who thought it’d be a great idea to record the incident in a clout-seeking fashion, for his racist platform that brings in a solid income of 16$ per week. Here’s who he strives to be on the internet – every single day for the last year:

A miserable comedian who fails to bring in a solid following, even after doing whatever he can to exploit the Indo-Canadian community that he was raised in (Vancouver). In reality, he’s just a very weird dude:

Before we get into some of his footage, viewer discretion is strongly advised. Again, we understand that this guy is probably the most hated in the province; but keep the comments respectful as best as you can.

Gora Translates to White Person in Punjabi


  • His original footage that depicts just how clout-seeking his soul is:
  • Alex pretending he’s disgusted with society during a broadcast with CBC ???? journalists:
  • Alex 24 hours after the incident, smoking on the innocent victims “pack”:
  • Alex getting upset at our platform for calling him out, and asking us to have credited him for his work:

Keep in mind that this wasn’t the actual footage of me and him going back at it with each other. I actually joined his instagram live to call him out, and it got pretty heated. This was prior to that interaction. If anyone screen-recorded it by chance, please contact us.

  • Alex trying to play the victim card, and trying to explain some sort of odd reasoning on why he did what he did:

Alex Bodger’s ???? Employment Status

As explained, this is a work in progress and a thread that will be constantly updated.

All sources of information can be sent to our platform via Instagram (@thedirtynewstv – only current account).

The only real idea we have on his employment status is that he’s unemployed. He’s been fired multiple times and was actually terminated for being racist at a past job:

Alex Bodger’s ???? Relationship Status

Our only current information came from a whistle-blower who is allegedly very close to the individual. We don’t know how someone exactly develops a bond with a goof like Alex, however we appreciate the intel:


Maybe these females will come out in the comment section of this thread? With much more information?


It’s honestly pretty embarrassing as to just how popular this clowns name has gotten. A quick google search will show you just how crazy it is. He’s getting articles written about him from the NYPost and pretty much every major media outlet in North America. We aren’t going to share any of those, because this goof deserves to catch a boot to the dome. Instead, we want to show you guys some fake news that has been circulating; in attempt to discredit what the Khalistan movement actually stands for:

Indian State media
Goof clown thinking she’s a journalist.

There’s honestly just so much fake information circulating, but you get the point.

Here’s what actually happened:


Constant updates will be delivered as information is provided. Check this thread everyday.

If you’ve been following our platform, you understand that we post this type of stuff. Its just what our platform is all about, but because of the family’s request in taking down the content; we will see how this threat lives on.

Twitter: @6ixademiks

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1 year ago

hahahah what a goof! yes 6ix!

1 year ago

???? ???? ???? hes a wife beater ill send u sm sht

Daniel Swarek
Daniel Swarek
1 year ago

Expose this fucker 6 never disappointed always a good read

1 year ago


1 year ago

My name is Kim Bolan, and I approve this CP on AlexThaGoof

1 year ago

FCKIN CLOWNNNNN ????????????????????????????

11 months ago

of c its some indian cunt stabbing ppl what else is new

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