Ali Chabaan: Targeted Again

In the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday (14/02/2024), a suspect unloaded his pistol at the doors of an empty restaurant in Laval. The owner of the restaurant, Ali Chabaan, who was the victim of a targeted shooting which took place last Friday.

At around 3am on Wednesday morning, a shooter aimed his sights at the front door of L’Antika Resto-Lounge, located off highway 13 in Laval. The police were alerted shortly after the the shots were fired and quickly swarmed the scene of the crime on 1088 Desserte West in Laval. 3 bullets that struck the front door where recovered in the lounge that regularly hosted musical and dance acts.

Antika Resto-Lounge

Later on during the evening, the police had stopped a 27 year old man by the name of Julien Terron Martin which they then arrested. He had parked the car that he used for the crime in the parking lot of a nearby business. Terron Martin had partially covered the license plate on his black Kia Stinger to evade authorities.

Black Kia Stinger intercepted.

Terron Martin was charged with having unloaded a firearm as well as malintent. He is set to go back to court on Thursday in the Laval courthouse. The firearm used in the shooting was as of yet, still not found.

Antika Lounge Instagram

It was clear as day that this act was targeted towards the owner of the restaurant, Ali Chabaan. Just this last Friday, while visiting a prospective restaurant with an entrepreneur, Ali Chabaan, 35, was targeted in the middle of the day. While entering his car after visiting the future restaurant building which was in construction, a perpetrator exited a black Honda Civic and emptied 10 to 15 shots to the driver’s side window of Chabaan’s G-Wagon. Miraculously, Chabaan was able to evade most shots by exiting through the passenger door. He was only struck once in the arm, but survived.

Crime scene of the shooting on February 9th, 2024.

Chabaan was never convicted of a crime, or neither held a criminal record. But with all the efforts taken to tackle car thefts by the federal government that has been going on this month, it’s no wonder Chabaan has not only been targeted by criminals, but also by the authorities. Chabaan is a business man, but there’s one particular business that ties him to the exportation or stolen vehicles; Cube Express.

Cube Express Instagram page.

Cube Express is a vehicle exportation business located on 10050 Cote-de-Liesse boulevard in Lachine. It has been allegedly said that this business has been used to ‘cool off’ vehicles after they have been stolen. It is not out-in-the-open yet, but we can assume this company plays a part in exporting stolen vehicles as well.

Cube Express is not the only target of the SQ’s new task force, but is one of around ten businesses that are suspected in the theft, exportation and sale of stolen vehicles. The Canadian Border Agency was stated that there was a 290% increase in the span of the past 5 years in the vehicles seized.

Vehicle seizure February 14th, 2024.

The recent news on car theft was the federal car theft summit held in Ottawa attended by border patrol services, RCMP, different police departments and insurance companies held last week on February 8th. There has also been a stolen vehicle seizure operation that yielded authorities 54 cars and SUVs on Wednesday.

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