Amrit ‘Umba’ Saran Shot To Death πŸ•Š

We have received breaking news from reliable sources in the criminal underworld, that the infamous Amritpal Saran, aka Umba, has been riddled with bullets in what appeared to be a drive-by shooting.

A few of those ‘sources’ are actually strongly associated/related to the UN gangster in ‘Umba’.

First reported the shooting on our social media platforms (IG – SC – TG – X)

Before we get into the tragic incident, we want to give you guys a little breakdown into Amrit and what he was up-to during the last few years.

Amrit was truly one of the last ones standing, and he’s been a brand-name on our platform for quite a while. He’s experienced more death and trauma in his 25 years; then most people would see in their lifetime. It was remarkable as to how this young man transitioned into a high-ranking figure within his UN subset faction (Skidz & Slice), and ultimately making a name for himself in the underworld itself.

From being considered as one of the younger guys in the set, Umba began to make a name for himself over the years and was pretty much at the top of the leadership; amongst guys like Gagan, Skidz & Slice.

From losing his childhood friends, cousins & associates, it was almost evident that Amrit was going to meet the same fate. And when the conflict between the Brothers Keepers & the UN was pretty much at it’s peak (with the death of Varinderpal Gill), we started to see Umba behind the scenes; as opposed to his earlier years with the group, which consisted of nothing but like-minded violent youngsters. A prime example of this is the trio of Kaunka, VP & Umba; all growing up together in the Abbotsford region.

One thing led to another, and pretty much every friend of his was either dead, or in jail.

Just some of the guys he grew up with.

Umba was really taking a different approach. He wanted to create something for himself, and a big reason behind that is because of him being well aware on the fact that he was a house-hold name across the province. We started to see him engage with everyone, regardless if they were out for his head or not; he was streaming on twitch and playing the games he loved, and even shared financial advice on a consistent basis.

We realized that we wouldn’t have been able to deliver the story and character development into Umba (in this write-up), and that’s because we always PRIORITIZE the current events. However – we will be releasing a lengthy piece on this entire situation, and many more facts on the deceased gangster.

We honestly didn’t believe it at first and that’s because we knew that Umba was extremely intelligent. This was someone who never took a chance, and had always been 2 steps ahead of his enemies. In addition, it was known from pretty much the entire community that Amrit was still under house-arrest; and was required to wear an ankle monitor.

Umba on right

When he had errands to run, or groceries to buy for his penthouse suite; it was always his loyal girlfriend in Daman going out and getting things done. These guys truly never took a chance. And that’s why it baffles us as to how this guy got caught lacking. His name hadn’t rung bells ever since the attempted shooting on his driveway, in which he drew out his inner John Wick; and ended up almost assassinating all 4 assailants who caught Umba and his girlfriend alone.

The penthouse suite that Umba was residing in for almost 4 years now.

Regardless of how behind-the-scenes he was (in regards to his operation – him operating drug lines and having workers across the province), it was still evident that his enemies wanted him bad. Keep in mind that Umba had always made it known that he was on the other side of the Brothers Keepers, and would still speak-out whenever he could:

When MD was assassinated at Whistler – Umba was one of the first on social media to celebrate. He went as far as buying a cake for the incident.

It was revealed at first that he could’ve possibly have survived the shooting, but after receiving further details and learning as to how many times he was actually shot; our prayers and condolences go out to the Saran family.

This one’s not going to be pretty – the streets are going to get ugly.

Stay tuned for his lengthy release (insane amount of content & detail)

  • Varinderpal Gill πŸ•ŠπŸ™πŸΎπŸ’™
  • Amritpal Saran πŸ•ŠπŸ™πŸΎπŸ’™
Fly high gangstas

We have a lot of conversations to show you guys. RIP Umba. Stay tuned for the upcoming banger.

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