Blood Family Mafia Vs. Hells Angels: Conflict Most Likely Comes To An End

Ever since Dave ‘Pic’ Turmel had found a GPS tracker under his car in March of last year. Turmel saw red, and started an onslaught towards the Quebec City Hells Angels. With the Blood Family Mafia setting their sights on the all-mighty Hells Angels. The street gang caused a flurry of criminal arsons on businesses linked to HA, vehicle arsons, drug robberies, shootings and what would eventually lead to the street gang’s demise; kidnapping and torture.

Dave ‘Pic’ Turmel with rapper Cupidon.
James ‘Frekent’ Celestin, rap and gang member convicted in Project SCANDALEUX.

Surprisingly, the Quebec City chapter of the Hells Angels didn’t bite, even with street gangs and independent dealers refusing to pay their 10% tax for selling their drugs on Hells Angels territory. This created a lot of doubt between the other chapters throughout Quebec on how the Quebec City chapter was having a hard time holding their own. An unexpected turn took place when authorities launched a operation which was nicknamed ‘Projet Scandaleux’ would take down 35 members and associates of the Blood Family Mafia in just a week and a half. This seems to be the ultimate demise and end to the Quebec City drug war.

Hells Angels Quebec City chapter, circa 2009.
Red Devils Quebec City, a puppet club for the Hells Angels MC.

The conflict started off with the BFM crew shooting at Hells Angels member Mathieu Pelletier’s home and torching rapper and Dark Souls MC member ‘Fou Furieux’ vehicle. Several criminal arsons then took place aimed at HA members and associated businesses such as vape shops and erotic message parlors. The conflict then escalated to murder, with the death of HA associate and drug trafficker, Michel ‘Doune’ Guerin’s murder at the end of November.

Dominic ‘Fou Furieux’ Savard, Dark Souls MC member.
Michel ‘Doune’ Guerin assassinated the 27th on November, 2023.
Fou Furieux

The attacks on the bikers and their associates continued throughout the year, with the Blood Mafia taking aim and firing shots at the newly built Trois-Rivieres’ chapter clubhouse not only once, but twice, two days in a row. The BFM side of the conflict escalated as 2024 rolled in. With members of the Blood Family Mafia deciding to ramp up their crimes by kidnapping and then torturing their victims.

‘Doune’ crime scene.

We also need to take a look at the surrounding regions around Quebec City, such as the Cote-Nord and Saguenay region which are also being led in the drug trafficking scene with members of the Quebec City Hells Angels. There are 5 chapters throughout the vast territory of Quebec. Alexandre Maltais, a full-patch HA member, had his hands on the town of Sept-Isles. He is also the one who collects the famous HA 10% tax for that part of the province.

Alexandre Maltais (left).

Yannick Gauthier is also a full-patch Hells Angels member of the Quebec City chapter who controls the drug trade and collects the 10% tax in the region of Baie-Comeau. It is also good to note that Gauthier used to sport Rock Machine colors back in the day. He is also close to influential HA member as well as a high ranking one by the name of Martin Robert. Martin Robert is reputed to be very close to native “Queen of Kanesatake”, Sharon Simon. This might be the reason the HA and BFM are beefing in Uashat mak Mani-utenam, a native territory where drug addiction and suicide is rampant.

Yannick Gauthier (middle).
Sharon Simon (left) Martin Robert (right).

The year also started off strong with a series of kidnappings and hostage-takings, Most notably the seige which took place at the beginning of February at Saint-Malachie. This plan on BFM’s part which happened at Saint-Malachie, would eventually turn sour when a hostage-taker fell asleep and was stabbed to the death with a knife.

Patrick Martin, 29, murdered in the Saint-Malachie siege.

The BFM perpetrators who committed the crime entered the home looking for 51 year old Stephane Boutin that day, but had only been able to find his father, a 70 year old man with no involvement in the drug trade. They would later get a hold of Stephane Boutin who was an associate of the HA motorcycle club and proceed to torture them for the next few hours.

Video of the Saint-Malachie siege torture.

35 arrests have been made in effort to cripple this drug war, along with Roobens Denis, Dave ‘Pic’ Turmel’s right hand, who he fled the country with after becoming a target in a drug trafficking ring. Surprisingly, Denis was arrested but Turmel still remains on the lam. Interpol has not taken and action to put him on a ‘red notice’ despite him leading the war from Portugal.

Rooben Denis (left) Dave ‘Pic’ Turmel (right).

While the authorities effected Projet SCANDALEUX at the end of February a few days after the Saint-Malachie siege, police also managed to interview Mario ‘Banane’ Auger, in charge of collecting the 10% tax in the Bellechase region of the province. Auger had noted to police how he had been apart of a failed kidnapping attempt during the week that a BFM hostage had uttered his name at the request of his kidnappers. The BFM arrest count also jumped from 23 to 35 arrests in the past week.

Mario ‘Banane’ Auger, HA member Quebec City chapter.

With 35 arrests being made, all BFM associates or members, in the past few weeks, we can agree that it’s safe to say that this conflict has come to an end. BFM members are finding an injustice in only them committing crimes in favor of the drug war while Turmel isn’t even dipping his toes in the conflict, but rather the sand in Portugal.

Dave ‘Pic’ Turmel
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