Borowski Brothers Arrested Following Traffic Stop In Newmarket, Ontario

Family can be a peculiar thing, especially brothers. Most times, brother’s lead their own independent life and are far from their siblings, in terms of what they do for a living and how they make their money.

The term ‘bond’, is the key word in this instance, especially when referring to criminal matters. Of course there are instances where only one member of the family goes astray from the normal habits of a family. But then you have instances like the Dubois brothers; a slew of 9 brothers, heavily implicated in crime. Or the Pettingill family, based in Melbourne, Australia partaking in drug trafficking and arms dealing. This type of bonding have surely played a big factor when 3 brothers were busted in New Market, Ontario. The Borowski brothers.

25-year-old Marcus Borowski was intercepted by police last Friday (19/04/2024) night in the region of York. An off-duty officer had seen a car swerving and had called it in. Marcus had stopped near the intersection Fernbank Road and Mulock Drive in the town of Newmarket. It is usually the small, stupid mistakes which gets a ‘living-wage’ criminal busted, and that’s exactly what happened in this case. Once police intercepted Marcus, they charged him with impaired operation of a drug and having a small amount of cocaine in the vehicle.

The proceeding actions of what happened next is unknown. Did Marcus run his mouth more than he should have? But police applied for a search warrant following the DUI investigation that granted a search warrant of two residences, one in Newmarket and another in Richmond Hill, both in the York region. The warrants were the smoking gun.

While executing the search warrants, police had gotten their hand on 12 rifles as well as 4 handguns, all were improperly stored, meaning they weren’t in a safe but presumably attained illegally also. 2 extended magazines were also found. Multiple types of drugs were also found, including fentanyl, cocaine, cannabis, methamphetamine and several prescription drugs including Xanax. Lastly, 60,000$ was seized, most likely the proceeds from the drug dealing.

Marcus Borowski’s 2 brothers had been arrested leading to this seizure. 27-year-old Joshua Borowski as well as 23-yea-old Matthew Borowski. Marcus, the middle child, is facing an onslaught of charges while Joshua and Matthew are only facing 2 charges each; careless storage of a firearm and unauthorized possession of a firearm.

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