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A little over a year ago, the city of Brampton and GTA in general was stunned when the 26 year old Guryodh Khattra (Joey) was shot to death inside his home. During the shooting, his mother was also injured and received non-life threatening injuries in what is still seen today as one of the most cowardly acts Canada has witnessed.

Today – Peel Regional Police finally revealed the arrest of the killer in ⬇️:

Deserves To Rot In HellJerome Downey-Apple

We’ll do a little background into Khattra and the whole incident regarding the Bassi family, in which the young Paviter Bassi was beat to death with sticks in broad day-light.

Long story short – Bassi was killed by a group of 5 guys – 3 cousins (Gurraj Bassi, Karanvir Bassi and Harminder Bassi), Guryodh Khattra (Joey) and Harman Singh. When it came down to crunch-time, everyone folded except for Khattra, and obviously the 3 cousins stuck by each other in pointing fingers and the blame on Guryodh. Harman did the exact same thing and at the end of it all, it was Joey who was being labeled as the actual killer. The 3 cousins ended up taking a deal and are about to finish their sentences at the Pennateng correctional facility, meanwhile Harman blamed his way to freedom; which left Khattra in potentially facing life in prison.

Harman Singh Pictured

Joey’s family ended up selling whatever they could in order to try and prove that their son was an innocent man who had made foolish mistakes as a teenager. This included the same circle of friends that got Khattra involved in an altercation and later threw him under the bus. At the end of the day – we will never know who actually killed Paviter and more importantly, will never get to hear that Joey wasn’t the killer. This is because he was ultimately out on bail and was days away from the trial, before his killers got to him.

We will be analyzing the actual story and situation regarding the Bassi family and Paviter Bassi more specifically, in an upcoming video that will be uploaded on our YouTube channel.

12 minute banger on Bassi and Joey – Brampton Story: YOUTUBE (OUT SOON)

(Scroll down for valuable information regarding the Paviter Bassi homicide)

For now – we need to understand that the Bassi family definitely had something to do with Joey’s death. We wouldn’t be surprised if we start to hear some of them go down in the next few months, and that’s because law enforcement now have the contracted killer in custody. The way Joey was killed was truly disturbing and it shook up the public when they learned that his mother was hit as well.

The story goes; that Joey and his family ended up moving into a new home after having to sell old property for financial assistance, as well as safety concerns (considering how he was constantly threatened at his old house). He truly did switch-up and was starting to figure out who he was as a person, and neighbours even stated that they would see him go on daily-walks with his mother and dog. On the day of his homicide – he was apparently in the basement watching TV and had heard from his family-members that someone was trying to ring the door-bell and look into the home. We are unsure on how many times this had occurred, but we have heard from sources that Joey was upset because his grandmother was home alone at the time and therefore he wanted to be prepared and ready for any strange interactions. He was the first one to the door when his killers arrived, and after one of them looked inside from the door-window, shots were fired and Joey was killed. It’s also alleged that he was killed 4 hours after all charges were apparently dropped. Keep in mind that members and associates close to the Bassis were constantly trying to shake and threaten Khattra.

He was killed before he ever got to prove his innocence.



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