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It’s no secret that our blog has been practically non-existent for the last 60 days or so, however the loyalty and support most of you have shown will forever be appreciated. On behalf of the entire team, we sincerely apologize for the lack of content and overall status across our social platforms. At this time we cannot share the specific reasoning behind our absence, but it was a process that had to be dealt with before getting to the ‘green-light’. We also aren’t going to determine some sort of timeline or schedule, and that’s partly because of the false promises that were delivered prior to the event that had restricted our access. Delivering content daily is our only priority at the moment, and everything else will fall back into place.

Thankfully, gang activity and news related to crime hasn’t been too significant during our absence. But sitting here and covering everything we missed would be next to impossible, so instead we will only cover a handful of specifics that carry an importance to our platform. During the course of the next few days, we will catch up on all the missed content through the use of our visual galleries and COTD series.

We recently received a throwback image of Karman Grewal celebrating a birthday, and the reason why we chose this to be the lead-off to the recap is because of the breaking story Kim Bolan recently released on KG’s right-hand man – Jimi ‘Slice’ Sandhu. We give credit when credit’s due, and although we pretty much discovered it all, she did an excellent job on the story; providing us with details and specifics. If only we had the ability to fly to Thailand on a Vancouver Sun budget!

Matthe Dupre – the remaining hitman who will be extradited to face the death penalty in Thailand.

Anyway, the story has it all – from images of specific locations, and exposing a 3rd unknown WolfPack member whom allegedly is still on the lam. Due to the heightened increase of interest in Jimi and his story, (after going through Kim’s detailed project) a lot of individuals have asked us about his full length sex-tape, which can still be found HERE ????.

The cards seemed to finally work in our favour with the lack of ‘big-time’ news during our hiatus. One thing that couldn’t have been ignored was the recent trend in drug dealers harming each other. Yes – gangsters and criminals rob and attack each other all the time, but recording it for the world to see was a shock. It’s a lifestyle that clearly has harmful consequences, and in both of the following two videos; both victims were kidnapped/robbed by individuals known to them. Keeping a loyal team is pretty much the only thing that separates life and death in the criminal underworld.



  • BC Roads more fatal than ever:

Drugs are really killing people on the road.

  • BC’s zombies continue to get out of control, as assaults and random stabbings continue to rise:
most recent crime related to the homeless population

  • Rabih Alkhalil is a name thats being brought up more and more, and that’s simply because he still hasn’t been located:
Toronto Star’s 18 minute podcast speaking about Alkhalil in depth:

Apart from him becoming a household name throughout the nation, officials in the West had decided to use a similar tactic that they used on the likes of gangsters like ‘Certi 2x’ and Dmonte; 2 big time members that have since been arrested:

Halloween of last year

With Rabih – they used the national day known as ‘Valentines Day’ in order to send a message to Canadians & the world; in ultimately telling us to stay on the look-out:

So far the viral poster has led to 0 leads.

  • Jessica Kane proving to the world that she’s one of the most dangerous criminals to exist:

Despite the mini-podcast that we will be releasing for subscribers (a look into the JK sequel and overall everyday content that was missed out on), we wanted to give everyone a brief update on the savage.

The 30 year old has found herself behind bars very often these days, and it’s funny because she was the same female ranting on video calls that she would never be criminally responsible for her actions. Kane, whom was originally released on a $50k bail; has found herself in the targets of Surrey RCMP. We all knew it was just a matter of time on when she was going to get in trouble again, and it’s because her only source of income is a stream of revenue that comes from robbing and extorting others. As a result, the RCMP’s latest investigation led to charges of obstruction of justice, failing to comply with a release order, robbery and administering a stupefying or overpowering drug. She has since been released again, on more strict conditions.

Our infamous youtube video does have a sequel to it, and it will be released in the coming days. If you haven’t, go make sure to check out the introduction that was completed several months ago (found on the homepage of TDN).

The mother of the man who died in February 2021, allegedly after hiring Kane to come to his Surrey home, said her son was a successful businessman. She is also demanding justice that she should be entitled to.

We can’t include the new graphic footage we have received on her, and that will obviously be made available to subscribers. Get ready for the podcast!

  • Saskatoon restaurant ‘Lebanese Kitchen’ linked to massive bust, which saw the arrest of a pharmacist & 3 men:
Located in the heart of the city – not too far from the Pharmacy that was also involved.

Although the actual restaurant hasn’t been found guilty of any criminal activity, it’s important to understand that the owners of the shawarma joint consisted of a group of 4 Arab brothers; 3 of whom are now charged with serious offences. The 4th individual to have been arrested and charged was a 41 year old female pharmacist named Jenna Ternan. She worked out of the Northumberland Pharmacy, pictured below.

It’s honestly any DBOY’s dream to have some sort of relationship with a pharmacist, and that’s because of the obvious access to pricey narcotics. Though it’s unclear on how the female pharmacist got herself involved in this drug ring, but it’s been alleged that she had a romantic relationship with one of the brothers. We hope she made massive amounts of income from her drug-dealing business because she and the pharmacy that she worked at have been suspended and have had their permits revoked. It’s somewhat unfair to the other employees of the pharmacy, and that’s because they had no involvement with the illegal operations and are now facing unemployment.

Officers executed search warrants at the Northumberland Pharmacy and a residence in the 1000 block of Schuyler Street on Tuesday, a police news release says.

The investigation stemmed from a January seizure of 700 Oxycodone pills that were allegedly connected to the pharmacist, 41-year-old Jenna Ternan. In the Jan. 12 bust, police also seized over 20 kilograms of methamphetamine, over $12,000 cash, a fully-automatic Glock 9mm handgun, and arrested three men in connection with the trafficking operation.

Investigators reviewed pharmacy records from September 2022 to January 2023 and found over 24,000 Schedule 1 narcotics were unaccounted for from its inventory.

24k of schedule 1 narcotics – WOW, what a heist!

  • Suicide isn’t a joke:

Last month we were hit with devastating news that concerned a Surrey police officer who was killed off-duty. It was alleged that he shot himself at a gun-range.


Apart from that, we were presented with some disturbing footage that may not be suitable for all viewers. The individual who was attempting to jump off the bridge did not go through with his decision, and was rescued by law enforcement:

  • Renewed calls for change after latest teen shooting death:

In early February, 17 year old Jalal Rahimi was shot and killed due to the ongoing gang activity in the LM. Out of respect for his family, we will not be including any visuals on the deceased victim.

Rahimi is one of several teenagers to be shot and killed in the Lower Mainland in recent years. Certain officials are now sick and tired of the overwhelming violence and are calling for immediate change ⬇️

We have covered every one of those homicides that the report states.


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