Brothers Keeper’s Juvraj ‘Juggy’ Jabal’s Killer Arrested:

We had previously covered Juggy aka Juvraj’s homicide when it had originally occurred. Although we had a very minimal amount of information to deliver, we still uncovered his exact role with the Brothers Keepers set. He was the manager of Gurp Dhaliwal’s mission program, and therefore held a pretty significant rank in the overall hierarchy. Aside from that, it’s always been pretty tough for our platform to get any sort of visual on Juggy. We have learned that he was a ‘Gyani’ (turban), but don’t know if/when he had cut his hair.

For those that are unaware, Gurp is currently the most powerful leader of the Brothers Keepers, and had also been patched with the Hells Angels at one point.

We BRIEFLY speak about Juggy in this video, along with his girlfriend at the time; Jasmine Lindstrom, whom we referred to as ‘Jasmine Elizabeth’. She was also shot during the incident, and has quickly moved on since. Just recently, we released a viral story that includes footage of her attempting to rob another females chain at a beauty salon.

Our VIP members are pretty familiar with this female, and if you need to refresh your memory a little bit; “SEARCH: JASMINE ELIZABETH”.

Here’s a quick little breakdown of her ranking (under the set-up thotiana leaderboard):

Current Info :
>Jasmine was featured in our series pretty early, and it’s been a shit-show ever since, as she’s been threatening us on almost every platform
>She is notoriously known for being in the same vehicle with Juggy aka Juvraj Jabal when he was shot dead. He was the BK gangster who was Gurp’s mission manager.
>A few months after the shooting, she had attempted to set-up a random female she came across in a salon; in which she called another DBOY to steal the girl’s jewellery (chain)
>She’s been pretty quiet ever since, but this girl can go from 0-100 in no time
>We have heard through multiple sources that she is now affiliated and close/talking to another DBOY with heavy connections to the underworld (this is why she was brought into #5)
>Her stat-line was introduced in this update.

(Dropping in ranking, compared to our DGIRLS – she’ll be below top5 next week, unless something big happens)
Current Stats:
Danger / 10 – 7.2
History / 10 – 6.8
Expose / 10 – 7.9 ⬆️

We have some really critical pieces and stories to release tonight.

Stay tuned.

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