Bryce Dallas Campbell Now Facing 3 Murder Charges For 2 Separate Shootings In Surrey

We have just learned from several media outlets that the killer in Bryce Campbell has now been charged for an additional homicide. Back in August of 2022, we were first in updating the public on Bryce being the gunman in the triple shooting that took the lives of Jordan Krishna and Robeen Soreni. He also almost killed “TooShort” aka Khosa, whom was the intended target.

Just search “Bryce Campbell” under our search bar for more information on this drug-addicted killer.

He has now been charged for the homicide of David Goldstein. He is accused of killing David Goldstein in April of 2022. Thirty-three-year-old Goldstein was critically injured when he was shot at a home on 24 Avenue and 152A Street and later died in hospital.

This guy deserves to rot in prison, and thankfully he was already in custody for the shooting at the South Surrey Athletic park.

Original David Goldstein homicide article

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