Clandestine Amphetamine Laboratory Operatives Sentenced To 7 Years in Prison

I’ve said it many times before and I will say it again, Quebec is a huge amphetamine-consuming province, with many taking so called methamphetamine tablets sold as amphetamine tablets, known as ‘meth bombs’. Quebec’s clandestine amphetamine tablets are stamped by the concoction which it is consisted of. ‘ICE’ would have been the biggest selling one within a very big part of Quebec and it’s surrounding regions, with many different provinces having their own ‘best-selling’ drug.

‘ICE’ methamphetamine tablet.

A huge manufacturer in the province of Quebec this past week, resulting in four individuals being sentenced to as much as 7 years. This crew is suspected by police to have produced up to a million speed tablets, but I suspect it was way more than this with each tablet being sold is pennies on the dollar.

Police present at the Entrelacs residence, the day of the raid, November 23rd, 2022.

A clandestine drug laboratory was raided by police on the 23rd of November of 2022 in the town of Entrelacs in the Lanaudiere region of Quebec which is located on the North Shore of Montreal. The individuals implicated were accused last November, roughly a year following the police raid in Entrelacs. The raid was followed by a tip given to the SPVM (Montreal Police Service) that a certain Jean-Philippe St-Amour, a 32 year old man who was implicated in drug trafficking.

Entrelacs residence during the raid.

Once authorities pin-pointed the residence in which the production of the amphetamines were taking place, they managed to set-up cameras around the residence, and even inside of it, resulting in police to gain a ton of information for the case. The footage from surveillance cameras showed multiple men carrying, gas canisters, many types of buckets which varied in size and other materials into the house. It also portrayed some individuals carrying black storage bins with yellow lids out of the house and into a pick-up truck which they used.

There were more than 2 residences implicated in the drug-trafficking ring, with authorities mentioning that they had 4 individuals, clear as day, on the surveillance videos bringing the black and yellow storage bins between the house in Entrelacs and another residence in Chertsey, also located in Lanaudiere. The 4 people included St-Amour, as well as Dany Sexton, 44, Marc Andrew Gougeon, 46, and Robert Gougeon, 47, most likely the last 2 had been related.

The garage of the Entrelacs residence, notice the equipment used for the manufacturing of the drugs.

When the raids had taken place in November of 2022, 12 residences in total were target to authorities. Residences in Montreal, Lanaudiere, Mauricie, Laurentides and Ontario were raided in which took the effort of 300 polices officers. It’s no doubt that this operation was related to organized crime with the neighboring provinces. The majority of the drugs were distributed throughout Montreal, Quebec and the Cote-Nord.

Entrelacs residence to the left, where the production of amphetamine was taking place.

The organized crime organization tied to this police operation heavily leans on the Hells Angels MC organization in Quebec. Authorities have already confirmed this fact. Many people were arrested on November 23rd, 2022 but released later on throughout the day, facing their accusations only a year later, once authorities put two and two together.

113,000 amphetamine and methamphetamine tablets were located at the two residences when the raids were executed. Authorities had also found enough chemical products within the Entrelacs residence to produce a half million to a million tablets. Reminiscent to a scene from Breaking Bad, the houses raided were draped in a yellow cover, with authorities taking a ton of precautions before entering the residences. 19,000 of 113,000 tablets were found at the Chertsey residence.

All four of the people in charge during the operation pleaded guilty of production, possession and trafficking of methamphetamine this past week. Counting the time they had done leading up to their trial this week, 6 year and 3 months are left on their sentence after being convicted. Only one person remains to have his day in court, Simon Couvrette.

Press conference held after the seizure.
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