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We’ll be covering a few stories that have caught our attention in today’s recap.


Gurwinder Singh, 25 year old international student.

As of right now, the only known public coverage this story has gotten is from an Indian news agency.

We have provided their version of the story below ⬇️.

About two weeks ago, the body of Gurwinder Singh and another unidentified male were found dead inside a vehicle, near the Kamloops area. A family friend had stated that Gurwinder, the 25 year old student who had been studying at Thompson Rivers University, wasn’t in contact for 12 days prior to the gruesome discovery. His birthday was on the 10th of September, and therefore his entire family was trying to reach him in order to wish him a happy birthday – but to no luck, as the man was not contactable.

RCMP did address the situation and informed the public that they were made aware once the vehicle was engulfed in flames.

Mounties are investigating after two bodies were discovered at the scene of a fire near a gun range in Penticton Thursday. The Summerland Fire Department was called to the paved road next to the Penticton Shooting Sports Range on Highway 97, according to a news release from B.C. RCMP. Firefighters soon discovered two deceased individuals and contacted Mounties from the Penticton detachment. The BC RCMP Serious Crime Unit has since been called, as the deaths are believed to be suspicious, police said.

Rashpal Singh Chandi, who lives in Surrey and is arranging to have Singh’s body returned home, lived with the deceased student for about a month in Surrey.

Singh had just gotten a work permit to stay in Canada after his schooling, Chandi said. At the time, he was living by himself and was working at Mason’s Kitchen and Bar in Sun Rivers. A manager independently confirmed he was an employee, that he died and his body was found in a car but didn’t know anything else.

Chandi added that neither he nor Singh’s family were told by police whose body was found in the car with Singh. He also stated that the bodies were found lying in a car in a forested area, somewhere by Kamloops. The 2nd still remains unidentified.

“I believe it was one of his friends, but I don’t know who,” Chandi said.

This is what his best friend had to say in the GoFundMe the family had started, in order to financially bring their son back to India.

“With a broken heart, I want to inform you that my dearest friend (Gurwinder Singh) was a Student of TRU University, BC, Canada, and his dead body was found lying in a car under suspicious conditions in Kamloops forest. As per Kamploops Police, they are still investigating about this whole incident. He used to live alone and work in a local restaurant (Masons Kitchen and Bar). He was the second son of his parents, and his age was only 25 years. His parents are in critical condition and want their son’s body back as soon as possible. His family urgently needs all of your help and support in these challenging times. I also work here in canada and will help them at utmost convenience. We can’t bring Gurwinder back into this world, but a little support with this can help his family and me a lot to send back his body to his family so that they can do his last ceremonies. You can also contact his family or me on these given numbers. I will really appreciate all of your support and help.”



Yellow cab driver Harjinder Kang went through a very traumatizing experience on Thursday night, as two men hijacked his taxi while they robbed banks across East Vancouver.

Long story short – these guys were severely inexperienced and got manhandled by VPD in no-time.

The suspect barricaded himself inside the taxi, causing a two-hour standoff with Vancouver Police and closing down a two-block stretch of Main Street Thursday night.

Just your average day in East Van:


Tyrel Hieu Nguyen aka TSAV’s trial has been underway for about 3 days now, and journalists like Kim Bolan are at the courtroom and has the resources available, in order to be seated front-row. We covered the most dramatic scenes/stories from that night – in this detailed video ⬇️.

The trial currently sits at day 3 – and Kim is covering it each and everyday!

Her newest piece can be found here – however, there wasn’t no real interesting details that most of us didn’t already know.

Abbotsford Man Charged With Attempted Murder:

A 47 year old in Edward Mackenzie, has been charged with attempted murder after holding down another man down on train tracks, in the path of an oncoming rail vehicle. This crazy dude was playing out footage from a Hollywood movie in his head, and if it weren’t for the bystanders who spotted the incident and alerted authorities; the victim wouldn’t just be shaken from the experience, but dead.

The suspect and victim don’t know each other but have seen each other in passing around public places in town, said police. This makes us believe this has something to do with the current ‘walking dead’ era that we’re seeing in downtown Vancouver, regarding all of the addicts and homeless people.

More info can be found here.

Dennis Halstead Back In The Drug Trade:

Authorities want this house seized once again, after failing to do so years ago.

3 years ago – Dennis the multimillion dollar ‘trapper’ had just beaten his massive charges, after being identified as a ringleader in an operation that was earning millions of dollars in profit. VPD had carried out a major investigation known as ‘Project Trooper’ – which led to a whole lot of cash and properties being targeted by a civil forfeiture case.

We learned this week that Dennis was behind that massive clandestine lab that authorities had raided in Maple Ridge, back in August. And with that, we also learned that the government was asking for his house on Rochester Avenue as a proceed of crime, as well as $50,000 in cash and multiple luxurious watches.

The statement of claim stated that the RCMP began its investigation into Halstead, Shawn Jason Cappis and Balbinder Johal last April.

All three used vehicles that the government also wants forfeited to travel to the lab at 12780 248 St. in Maple Ridge and to store and transport lab equipment to and from the property, the director said.

Feds had this wrapped up from the get-go, and knew something was up – as garbage from the Maple Ridge lab that contained MDMA chemicals/equipment was being inspected. Dennis was working alongside Balbinder Johal and Jason Cappis. All of their properties were raided, and Johal and Cappis were actually arrested and found at the lab.

The illicit substances found inside included almost 60 kilograms of crystallized and powdered MDMA in various colours, cannabis inside a black suitcase and a shopping bag, a Sig Sauer .45 firearm magazine, and a cellphone jammer. Johal’s house also contained over $225,000 worth of laboratory equipment, while Dennis’ was just cash and watches.

Doesn’t look like he’ll be beating these charges, and he’ll probably be losing a good portion of his property/riches.




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