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The last 24 hours has had major stories ranging from charges being laid in murder cases, to hate-motivated crimes and even Hindu extremists going absolutely crazy. We’ll get right into it.

Toronto BlueJays Stadium Gets Wild ????:

We got some footage for you guys as well, that has already been shared on our twitter feed.

Hindu Extremists Going Nuts In Leicester City ????????:

Some claim that this wild riot which replicates that of a wild zoo, was the result of the cricket match between Pakistan and India. Considering the heavy and notorious rivalry the two have had in regards to the Cricket field, we can potentially visualize this occurrence being based off of that theory.

However, the more popular theory is that this group of animals are nothing but extremists of the Hindu culture; whom have a strong fascination with figures such as Gandhi.

For the full tweet and more information regarding the topic:


Richmond ‘Sick’ Man Gets House Arrest For Sexual Assault On Teen????:

Vancouver provincial court Judge Nancy Adams sentenced Taranjit Singh Sandhu, 44, Aug. 30 in relation to the Sept. 2, 2020 assault that victimized a young teen girl. The 17 year old who hasn’t been named at all throughout the case, said “You ruined my life in ways you won’t understand,” in the teen’s victim impact statement.

We haven’t gotten any visual identification of the assaulter, but he is alleged to be a cab driver. Unfortunately, its these types of guys that give the Sikh community a bad name. He deserved much more than jail time, and it’s a given that his legal team was worth every penny. They have ensured any public information including his visuals, have not been made available to the public.

The teen, who is 19 years old now also said: “I hope that every time you look in the mirror that you hate yourself more than I have hated myself for what happened,” she said. “You ruined my life in ways you won’t understand.” Some very powerful words.

“It is a jail sentence being served at home,” Adams said.

For the next six months, he must obey a 10 p.m.-to-6 a.m. curfew. A probation period was also imposed as well as counselling and a ban on intoxicants.

Sandhu lost his job after pleading guilty, Adams said.

Abbotsford Meth Lab Busted ????:

A big bust was finally revealed to the media, as a massive meth lab was taken down by law enforcement. The craziest thing about the bust was that the lab was actually located right by an elementary school. It’s also been alleged that the lab was operated and controlled by the Brothers Keepers set, although this has not been confirmed yet.

We posted about it on our instagram profile, before it got suspended for the 515135135th time.

We will update you guys as more details come to light.

Suspects identified in Pride Week attack:

The 3 males and 2 females that have all went viral for the wrong reason in viciously assaulting a member of the LGBT community, have all apparently been identified. It was only a matter of time, and because of how much media coverage and how despicable of an act these kids committed; the entire province was rooting for the police in arresting these kids. Unfortunately, because of how young majority of them seem to be; they’ll all probably get away without the actual justice they should be seeing.

“A family member of one of the suspects in a Pride Week attack with hate-crime overtones has helped identify the alleged assailants.” It be your own family that’ll sell you out.


Hate-Motivated Crime Against Asian Restaurant Owner:

It seems like we’re seeing more of these hate-crimes that are racially motivated. It’s happening more frequently across the west-coast and Canada, altogether. It’s 2022, but we got some of these folks that can’t get over those very old foundations that they were raised through. Majority of the hate-crimes that we post on our platform usually involve a victim that’s brown skinned, however in this case – we look into an Asian man who has been a longtime citizen in the north Vancouver area.

For more information, click here for the article Global News had published on the incident.

Second Degree Murder Charge Laid ????:

Law enforcement have solved the homicide case regarding the shooting death of 58-year-old Michael Brown in May. 3 months later, and they’ve revealed the suspect who was behind the fatal shooting.

The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team identified Bradley Minchin as a suspect and he was arrested with help from Vancouver police on Aug. 24. The B.C. Prosecution Service has approved a charge of second-degree murder. “Wednesday’s arrest could not have happened without the tireless work of the investigating team and their incredible partnership with the Surrey RCMP and the Vancouver Police Department,” said Sgt. Timothy Pierotti of IHIT. “The work doesn’t end here, and while the matter is currently before the court, IHIT will speak with any further witnesses who come forward or who are identified.”

Seems like the case is solved, impressive work.

Crazy Ex-Boyfriend Shot To Death By American Man:

This also apparently just recently occurred.

Brampton Car Theft:

It’s getting crazy in the GTA, with all these cars getting stolen. It’s literally like the game GTA, as these high class vehicles are getting ‘jacked’ and robbed in broad daylight. In most scenarios, no one is harmed but it does get potentially dangerous.

Oh yeah, notorious Arman Dhillon who was shot to death in Oakville had his funeral/cremation ceremony as well. His enemies were quick in getting access online.


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