Founder Of Punjabi Mafia (Toronto) Dead 💀

Breaking news has hit the streets of Brampton and Canada in general, as the founder of Toronto’s Punjabi Mafia in Sukhjit aka Sunny Dhaliwal was found deceased in his garage this morning. He was allegedly at the house by himself, before one of his friends and the girlfriend (of the friend) went to go drop something off and had entered the garage; where they found Dhaliwal unresponsive. Ambulances arrived and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sukhjit had been on house-arrest for quite a while, ever since Canada saw one of it’s most established drug-rings directed and ran by none other than the 48 year old in Dhaliwal. Here’s a very detailed and important video to watch in understanding the sort of criminal Sukhjit was known to be, and how intelligent and sophisticated his operations were:


This guy was truly ahead of his time and he had been well respected in the underworld for a very long time. In fact, he had a very strong relationship with lower-mainland gangsters and gangs; one of his deepest connections was with Ranjit Cheema.

Cheema was killed about 10 years ago, outside his parents house.

The Punjabi Mafia were more dominant in the 2000’s, and Dhaliwal knew he had to improvise and establish new connections in order to remain relevant and powerful. He was actually one of the very first Punjabi criminals in Toronto, in starting a designated ‘TP’ line that was in communication with several different high-profile gangsters. A TP is a transporter, in other words it’s someone who will be smuggling narcotics back into Canada for a fee that can range anywhere from the 5-6 figure mark. Sunny basically had a whole bunch of immigrants/truck-drivers that he would designate as his TPS, thereby making him a very powerful figure in being able to successfully co-ordinate transportation for many different gangs/figures.

Before the infamous Project Southam raids, which charged 22 different criminals and seized drugs that were well over $10 Million dollars; Sunny was still a very known criminal to law enforcement across the nation. That’s because his criminal history starts way back in 2005 – where he was charged for kidnapping several different truck-drivers that allegedly failed in successfully carrying out the task that they were required to do (transport drugs, marijuana at the time).

One of the men – Balkar Singh, a 33 year old truck driver at the time was abducted, beaten and later released:

Sukhjit Dhaliwal, 31, of Woodbridge and Amandeep Soos, 25, of Brampton are charged with conspiracy to kidnap, conspiracy to commit aggravated assault, forcible confinement, aggravated assault and several firearms offences. They remain in custody.

This goes to show you that the PM founder had been a very dangerous man since the early 2000’s. When we all got word on the insane 15-month investigation that law-enforcement conducted, and ultimately dismantled Dhaliwal’s organization, we realized that this man truly had no limits.

Sukhjit Dhaliwal, 47, is wanted for conspiracy to export cannabis. 

Keep in mind that he was on the run for a while, and was the only criminal that hadn’t been officially arrested when the raids were complete. They were looking for him, and it’s unclear on when he actually turned himself in, but he was on house-arrest for a while and was still under those conditions when he was pronounced dead this morning.

There has been some speculation regarding his death and some have stated it was a clear overdose, while others explain it to be heart-problems and have ruled it a heart-attack. What is known, is that some new ‘drug’ called 2CB (pink-cocaine) has been dominating the streets in GTA and it’s the substance that Dhaliwal was most fond of. The drug is reportedly worth $60k per KG/Brick, and we have no other information at this time.

Do you guys think it was an overdose?

Tributes are already pouring in, especially from his family members. A lot of people are touched, especially his daughter whom had received an AMG as a birthday gift:

Dhaliwal was considered a great father, according to his 3 kids (2 daughters, 1 son)


We have just heard that Sukhjit allegedly only had 1 kidney and this could’ve caused his death. The body has been taken and reports will be revealed to members of the family in about 3-4 days from now. We still do not know how he died, but rumours suggest that his 2nd kidney was actually given to an individual who he owed $1 million too. Seems like it’s all straight out of a Netflix film.

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Daniel Swarek
Daniel Swarek
1 year ago

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1 year ago

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sala fudu
sala fudu
1 year ago

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