Frederick Michel: Member Of Laval’s ’24 Gang’ Shot To Death

Laval is a neighboring island North of Montreal, in organized crime, Laval goes hand-in-hand with Montreal, such as Longueil goes hand-in-hand with Montreal on the South Shore. There is as much violence on the North Shore as there is on the South Shore. This has been proven in the wee hours of Thursday morning, in the midst of a snow storm, a 29 year old man was gunned down in his BMW sedan.

Local new report of the shooting.

Frederick Michel, a member of Laval’s ’24 Gang’ was surprised with a hail of bullets while parked in a lot. He was attained by projectiles to the ribs, neck and back. When emergency services arrived on scene, his body was limp and without a pulse, just a couple hours away from rigor mortis. Two shooters had unloaded on Michel moments before. The incident took place in a parking lot at the 440 junction of Boulevard Cure-Labelle.

Nearly 10 kilometers away from the scene of the crime, authorities found a torched sedan on Avenue Jean-Bourbon in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville borough of Montreal. A sector to the east of the island of Montreal. The vehicle was a Honda Accord, covered with snow by the time emergency services got to it.

Torched Honda Accord used in the crime.

Who is Frederick Michel? Michel is a 29 year old man from Laval who was part of the 24 Gang, a street gang located in the Saint-Francois sector of the island. Michel had a court date to appear throughout the Thursday for violating his parole conditions. He was no stranger to local police, with multiple previous convictions, mainly in drug-trafficking.

24 Gang rap video

The 24 Gang of Laval, is a street gang with allegiance to other ‘red’ street gangs such as Quebec City’s Blood Family Mafia, who have just ended a torturous drug war with the Hells Angels Quebec City Chapter. Same as the Blood Family Mafia, they are associated with the Profit Boys (Profit Kollectaz) in the Rivieres-Des-Prairies borough of Montreal. The gang is at war with other ‘blue’ allegiance gangs in Laval. As well as being allied with BFM and the Profit Boys, the 24 Gang is also associated with other Laval street gangs such as the Flameheads (Flame Head Boys) who were involved in a 2023 shooting at College Montmorency.

Three associates of the 24 Gang were charged with attempted murder back in 2022. Love Emmanuel Luberisse, John Rhodny Surin and Rodolphe Surin had fired gunshots at Cedrick ‘Mad Taz’ Dorval while exiting an SAQ (Quebec liquor store) on September 21st of 2021. Dorval had sought refuge in a nearby pizza store and managed to escaped the attempt on his life. He had only suffered injuries to his lower body. The hit was allegedly set-up by Marion Jude Lovinsky.

Love Emmanuel Luberisse
Rodney Jean-Paul

You could say that this war has been active since 2003, when Rodney Jean-Paul was shot in the head by a Saint-Francois gang on September 1st, but it escalated with the death of Widny St-Vil. St-Vil was murdered on September 15th of 2020. He was a member of the 24 Gang and was 28 years old at the time of his death. Rodney Jean-Paul was only 19 when he was shot to death.

Widny St-Vil

The homicide case of Frederick Michel has been transferred to the Surete de Quebec, or the SQ (Quebec Regional Police) since the shooting is most likely linked to organized crime. Authorities have made no arrests in relation to the murder as of yet.

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