Gatineau, QC: 74 Guns Seized

The Canadian Border Services Agency at Pearson Airport in Toronto made a discovery that would lead them to a much bigger cache of firearms. They had found a silencer, found in a package, which stated that it came all the way from China, which was bound for the city of Gatineau, Quebec. A city neighboring Ottawa Ontario.

When the Canadian Border Services Agency found this silencer, they managed to link the importer to an other package seized on the 6th of February, 2024. Authorities had failed to show up to the man’s house and question him about the first package. It’s only when they discovered the silencer being shipped up North that they decided to take things into action.

A picture with some of the firearms seized.

The search warrant led authorities to a 62 year old man’s house in Gatineau. Authorities were surprised at the number of firearms seized during this search warrant. They had not expected this many firearms. In total, their search yielded 61 firearms as well as 13 additional prohibited firearms, such as pistols and assault style weapons. Ammunition was also found separately from the guns. Accessories were also found during this seizure which included 6 silencers and 6 high-capacity magazines. 22 air-powered pistols and rifles were also found during the warrant.

Most of the firearms seized were made in the United States while the accessories found, such as the silencers, high-capacity magazines were made in China along with the air-powered rifles and pistols.

What was the goal to stockpile pistols and rifles? Authorities are unclear on whether the man was an arms-dealer or simply just a gun-nut with hobby of collecting certain firearms. The 62 year old man was arrested on Wednesday. Although arrested, he was quickly freed not too long after, with the Canadian Border Services Agency spokesperson, Tony Dos Santos stating to the public that his early release is standard procedure. He was only released after passing a judicial interview. We have no information to whether the man has a past criminal record.

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