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Kim Bolan’s Article:

Meet Omid Mashinchi, a man in his early 40s with deep connections in the lower mainland underworld. He’s not a tough guy or a hitman; instead, he’s the go-to person for selling or renting out the most luxurious properties in British Columbia to powerful gang leaders. These fancy condos and suites are magnets for gangsters seeking a taste of the high life, and Mashinchi is the man who had made it happen.

Realizing the volatility and danger in the underworld, Omid understood the importance of picking a side in the ongoing war rather than playing both ends. He aligned himself with the WolfPack/Brothers Keepers coalition, and at one point, even connected with the Kangs before the fallout that led to BIBO. Among the notable individuals residing in the opulent properties leased by Mashinchi Investments, were Gavinder ‘GG’ Grewal, Kyle Latimer, and Gary Kang,

For several years, Kim has been chronicling the journey of this individual, driven by an inability to stay clear of trouble. Like many entangled in this lifestyle, he was never content and always sought more. This pursuit eventually lured him into the drug trade, leveraging his existing connections to secure a lucrative position right from the start.

While currently facing no charges in Canada, he encountered legal issues in 2018 when he received a two-year sentence in a Boston jail. Caught in the act of international money laundering, rather than scaling back and recognizing the consequences, he delved even deeper into the illicit activities.

The British Columbia government is now seeking the forfeiture of three properties due to their ties to drug production and money laundering. The statement of claim targets three condos with an estimated value of $6.4 million: 867 Richards St., 705-1010 Richards St., and 2803-1011 West Cordova St. Additionally, legal action is being taken against the five owners of these properties; all Asian individuals, whom may have ties to the infamous Tse Chi Lop.

The claim says that Omid Mashinchi, convicted in the U.S. of laundering drug gang proceeds, along with a woman named Jemina Ortega, had been using the three properties for their alleged criminal operation.

In February 2021, the Vancouver Police Department initiated an investigation targeting individuals involved in money laundering, drug trafficking, or drug production. Shockingly, Omid found himself at the heart of this probe, utilizing all three properties for illicit purposes.

During the March 2023 search of the storage locker for the Cordova Street condo, VPD officers found fentanyl, more than 78 kilograms of MDMA, more than 15 kilos of methamphetamine and about 11 kilos of powdered cocaine, as well as four handguns, one of which had an obscured serial number.

At the 1010 Richards unit, police found “a narcotics’ manufacturing and production lab” with almost 14 kg of fentanyl, more than three of meth, 1.64 kg of powdered cocaine and almost 18 kg of “various other substances.”

More drugs were found at 867 Richards, the lawsuit said.

He and his partner in Ortega were also ordered to forfeit over $190,000 in expensive jewelry.

WATCH 2:25 – 2:40 (penthouse view)

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