Gunshots & Stabbings: Multiple Incidents Define Quebec’s Criminal State

Within the past week, it’s hard to ignore all the incidents that have occurred throughout Quebec, mainly in the regions close to Quebec City and Montreal. It seems as if everyday something new popped up in the news, whether it was someone wounded by gunshots, or either stabbed. There’s no denying that something is brewing in Quebec. A definite power struggle is happening. In 2024, with Gregory Woolley’s death, anything can happen. There’s no more alliance between street gangs, motorcycle clubs and the Montreal Mafia. Even though the province is located in the East, it has turned to the Wild West.

This onslaught of violence started last Wednesday (1/5/2024), in the Rosemont borough of Montreal. A conflict between two men, one aged 25 and the other 27 had taken place in an apartment located on Rue D’Iberville. An argument escalated into a stabbing, in which both parties suffered injuries. Once police arrived on scene, they found the 25 year old man. Shortly after, the 27 year old had showed up to a local hospital with stab wounds. The incident occurred at around 6:40pm on Wednesday evening.

Another incident occurred only hours after, on Montreal’s south shore, Longueil, right across the bridge. The incident happen towards 11:30pm on Rue Louis near the intersection of Chemin Chambly. Although this was a victimless crime, with no suspects on the Longueil police service’s radar, it still brings a sense of worry to the residents, with a murder happening just last week of Ex-Hells Angels member ‘Beluga’ being shot to death in a trap house located in the Saint-Hubert borough of Longueil.

No less than 10 shots were fired at a residence, when authorities arrived at the scene, there was only shells to be found on the ground facing the shot up adobe. It’s important to note that only a few days earlier, on the 27th of April, near the same intersection, on the same street, Rue Louis, gunshots were heard. It’s a wonder if both of these events were related. Sometimes life is stranger than fiction, but you’d be a fool to think that these two incidents were not correlated.

A picture of the crime scene on April 28th, 2024.

Day after day, the authorities can’t seem to get a rest, on Friday night (3/5/2024), shots were fired in LaSalle, a borough in the south-west portion of Montreal at Carrefour Angrignon. Carrefour being a French term for mall.

A window shop up after the Carrefour Angrignon shooting.

The authorities were warned near 9:10pm which is when they had shown up to the crime scene. Fortunately, they had not found any bodies, but rather bullet shells and a shot up window. The suspected vehicle, had slowed and fired gunshots towards another vehicle in the parking lot of Carrefour Angrignon. Shortly after, police received a call from a hospital concerning an individual who had showed up at a hospital shortly after, but it is undetermined whether these two incidents were related. No arrests have been made.

Carrefour Angrignon shooting.

When I say incidents in the province happened day by day, I mean it literally. A day following the shooting which occurred at Carrefour Angrignon in LaSalle, another shooting occurred in Lachine, another borough south-west of Montreal. The only difference between the latter was that 2 individuals had been shot in this incident.

The incident had occurred near 11:20pm, which is when authorities were notified of the incident. It happened near the intersection of 42th Avenue and Rue Saint Joseph. The victims included a 28 year old man as well as a 33 year old man. No suspects have been apprehended as of yet. Authorities had found several shells upon their arrival, the victims have been rushed to the hospital.

To end our article on the recent happenings in the province of Quebec, we’ll look to the east of the province where a Red Devils MC clubhouse was victim to several gunshots. One individual was attained by a gunshot which led to this incident being an attempted murder. The incident occurred in Frampton, a town in the Chaudiere-Appalaches, south of Quebec City and has been presumed to be a part of the drug war between the Hells Angels and the Blood Family Mafia.

This shooting was a vital one, due to the fact that the Quebec Hells Angels and allies were launching their First Run of the year. Presumably, BFM or allies of them, had decided to take aim at the club during the celebration. This incident occurred on May 5th, 2024 at the Red Devils clubhouse located on 2nd Rang in the town of Frampton. The Red Devils are a support club for the Hells Angels, and are most likely HA’s number one support club in the region of Quebec City.

Red Devils Quebec City Chapter

With the back-to-back incidents happening in Quebec, most notably Montreal and it’s surrounding regions, it’s a wonder whether there is actually a power struggle happening within the city. There has been hitman, Frederick Silva, leaking secrets to authorities about the underworld and another factor that might have something to do with this is the recent uptake in violence is the death of Gregory Woolley. It is too early to pinpoint a reason yet. Although we are quite aware of the reasons why the increase in violence is happening in the East of the province.

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