Gurpreet ‘Biggie’ Gill: Arrested For Murder

Tara Miller’s homicide caught our interest when law enforcement announced these charges:

The identity of one particular suspect was the trigger for this release. Gurpreet Gill was someone our platform had actually previously covered, and we had reliable information backing the fact that he was heavily invested in the underworld. He comes from the Albertan streets, and had been selling drugs for pretty much his entire life.

We have provided some exclusive information at the end of this article that gives a better look into who Tara (victim) was, and why she may have been killed. Gurpreet’s life on the other hand is pretty self-explanatory with the footage below.

Gurpreet actually got robbed sometime before Tara’s homicide. His kidnappers were allegedly his “friends”, whom used the fake friendship they built inside the stash-house location that Gurpreet was operating.

When we first saw the following footage; we believed that Gurpreet was just an unlucky, gullible individual, who got caught lacking on the wrong day – at the wrong time. With what we know now, we understand this situation as another criminal group gone greedy, and he probably deserved what he got.

This residence where Gurpreet was assaulted at, could very well be the same location where Tara was living at.

Tara was allegedly involved in whatever criminal operation Gurpreet was under. The extensiveness of her involvement is still unclear at the moment, as she could’ve been viewed as a junkie who was renting out vehicles or properties under her name for an example. Either way, she got the bad end of the stick in the underworld lifestyle; and it probably has something to do with money.

Confidential Source/Neighbour:

When we originally posted the news of Tara’s killers on social media, an individual that lived right by her reported a little more insight into her character. We believe that Tara was living in a “traphouse”.

Rest in paradise Tara

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