HA Member – Jason Arkinstallđź”’:

Jason Arkinstall’s sentencing is finally underway and it’s alleged that the veteran gangster is somewhat remorseful for his actions. Prosecutors on the other hand believe that the biker’s only motivation was profit, when he attempted to bring 90 kilograms of meth and 119 kg of cocaine into B.C. from Idaho on October 23, 2020. This was 2 years ago and he’s now about to finally face justice, alongside his associate in Lawrence Edward Dwyer, the 48 year old owner of the truck that the drugs were allegedly smuggled in. Long story short, the two ran back into Canada after being spotted in Idaho with five duffel bags of cocaine and meth worth more than US $2m. They left all the dope by the forest area in which they were hiding in, and were ultimately captured in Canada.

Seized by the officers were “89.9 kilograms of methamphetamine, bundled or packaged in a manner consistent with drug trafficking, and 118.5 kilograms of cocaine, bundled or packaged in a manner consistent with drug trafficking,” the claim said.

Arkinstall’s criminal record should also he considered an aggravating factor in sentencing, she told Jetté. The biker has previous convictions for trafficking, assault with a weapon and “simple possession,” Loda said.

She did not mention his membership in the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Tuesday nor his arrest in Spain in 2013 for trying to smuggle half-a-tonne of cocaine into the country aboard a boat that sailed from Colombia.

In 2013 Arkinstall was charged in Spain with HA Chad Wilson for trying to smuggle half a tonne of Colombian cocaine into the country. They were convicted and returned to Canada. Wilson was shot to death under the Golden Ears Bridge in 2018.

Chad Wilson was killed after being deported back to Canada from Spain, and his homicide still remains unsolved. His death was a big one for the HA community, and members throughout the world showed up for his funeral; including the now incarcerated WP leader in Damion Ryan:

Chad Wilson With Allie

The Hells Angels have unlimited resources when it comes to it’s members and freedom, and therefore we would not be surprised if this guy somehow manages to walk from all of this. He’s beaten the law time and time again, with the most notable being an acquittal in a 2011 YYC case; in which he was being charged for uttering threats against police. It turns out that a “bystander” was filming his arrest on January 17, 2017 – when Les Kaminski (officer that was testifying against the biker) was criminally charged with perjury and assault with a weapon, while his partner constable Brant Derrick has been charged with assault causing bodily harm.

The charges relate to a 2008 arrest involving high-profile Hells Angel Jason Arkinstall:

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