HA Vs. BFM Quebec City Drug War: Kidnap, Torture & Kill (VIDEO)

At 3:45am this morning (19/02/2024) in Saint-Malachie, a beaten, scarred and battered man knocked on a door of a resident in Saint-Malachie, a town in the south-shore of Quebec. The homeowner answered the door. What he would next see would shock him; a man with blood all over his shirt urged him to help him hide from what he had just lived.

The homeowner, wary of this man, would contact police, but wouldn’t let him inside. The beaten and battered man told the homeowner to go and protect his family in Cap-Saint-Ignace, a municipality in the region of Montmagny. The homeowner later stated “We know certain things are happening, but we do not want to get mixed up in those types of things”.

Video of the torture.

Once the police had been warned, the Tactical Intervention Group (GTI) intervened on Route Kelly near Route Saint-Damien. Upon their arrival on the scene of the crime, they found a dead man, as well as 3 others who suffered injuries that weren’t life threatening. The 3 victims were all between the ages of 21 to 51. The identity of the murdered man has not yet been revealed. Neighbors have stated that there has been many people coming in and out of this house, most likely due to dealing drugs.

We would eventually learn that this situation is related to the conflict concerning biker gangs in Quebec City, including most notably, the Hells Angels MC and a street gang titled the Blood Family Mafia (BFM), which is headed by Dave ‘Pic’ Turmel, a 27 year old man who is on the lam in Portugal, evading charges related to a drug ring dismantled this summer. Although Turmel is an ocean’s away, he is still managing to call the shots for this conflict in Quebec.

Dave ‘Pic’ Turmel
Roobens Denis (left), Dave ‘Pic’ Turmel. Both men are on the lam.

Dave ‘Pic’ Turmel and his ruthless gang have been quickly gaining notoriety in the province of Quebec. There have been multiple statements from friends and relatives that state that Turmel is an intimidating figure. A former prostitute in an interview with Felix Seguin recalled how imposing Turmel was when it came to money and his business.

Picture from a video of one of the hostages being tortured.

This adds up, when a video came out today portraying some of his men recording the torture and beating of biker gang associates, cutting off their ears. In the video, the perpetrator holding the camera is pointing a pistol at the head of a man, saying “Tell me that bikers are bitches” which the victim then repeats. “Tell me you’re gonna work for BFM” which the victim repeats.

The two perpetrators in the video then say “Okay, it’s alright” after the victims swears by previous statements. Both victim’s shirts are drenched in blood. Another video cuts to a second victims murmuring “because of Mario Auger. Because of Mario Auger. Hells, ‘Banane'” while getting his ear cut off. The torturers are then seen brandishing the ear of the victim on camera.

A second victim of this incident.

Mario ‘Banane’ Auger is a Quebec City Hells Angels member that imposed the 10% tax in the region of Bellechasse. The famous 10% tax that started this war. A tax which the Hells Angels MC demand in order to sell drugs on their territory.

HA member Mario ‘Banane’ Auger.

This incident is the most recent progression of a series of events which are tangled up in what is now known as the Quebec City Drug War.

HA member Mathieu Pelletier

At the beginning of 2023, Turmel found a GPS tracking device under his vehicle. Suspicious that the Hells Angels Quebec City chapter were at fault; Turmel had bought his supply off HA member Mathieu Pelletier. He decided to retaliate by firing shots at Pelletier’s household on the 7th of March, which was followed-up with numerous criminal arsons of certain buildings, vehicles and businesses linked to the HAMC.

Michel ‘Doune’ Guerin

The pivotal moment came when Michel ‘Doune’ Guerin was murdered on the early morning of November 27th. In these past weeks, the drug war has escalated, switching gears with 3 criminal arsons on businesses and now this event. We will be keeping you informed as this conflict continues.

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