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We had quite the day yesterday in terms of crime and tragedy in the province of BC, and it all started earlier in the day when a teenager was found dead in a school parking lot. Following the homicide, social media started erupting over a wild dramatic scene of events that had occurred after a group of armed men had robbed a dealership in Coquitlam. Due to the immense attention these stories have received, we decided to get into depth by publishing a piece based on the incidents; rather than including them in our weekly recap (released 1 hour from now).

The more viral story/headline was the one that occurred outside Tamanawis Secondary School on Tuesday, in which an 18 year old male was stabbed to death.

Mehakpreet Sethi, 18, died in hospital after being attacked outside Tamanawis Secondary School in the city’s Newton neighbourhood just after 12 p.m. PT.

Witnesses that were present at the scene had instantly revealed a 17-year old teenager as the primary suspect. He was arrested shortly after, and has been exposed and blasted over social media platforms.

Here are just some of the responses that family and friends to the victim have expressed:

Because we are a neutral platform in allowing all sides of the ‘story’ to be heard and understood, it’s important to understand that the suspect and victim had to have been known to each other. When we started receiving some content in regards to the homicide, we observed a video of a driver; alleged to be the victim, and realized that a firearm was visible in the clip.

The lingo that we hear in this video should help you understand just how badly our society is regressing. Although it’s still unconfirmed as to who the actual driver in this video is, we actually believe that there is a lot more to this story then Sethi picking up his brother. That’s for the courts to decide, but here’s a clear image of the ‘gun’ that was seen in the clip:

Regardless of what these two were disagreeing over, it’s safe to say that it wasn’t worth a life. One family just lost their kid forever at the age of 18, while the other family has a 17 year old kid who may be living in prison for a very long time. This story will be very interesting as more information gets revealed to the public and we get a more clear picture on what this death was really over.

rest in paradise SETHI ????????

Another point of view regarding the suspect and why he had done what he did.


The craziest thing about the entire story is the fact that the video of the victim driving, was allegedly uploaded minutes before the tragedy.

More information to come as we start to explore both sides of the story and start to listen in on individuals that were present at the scene.

These kids should be learning in school and aspiring to do better and avoid having to live a life that their family members or friends partake in. Instead, we’re seeing more and more violence in places where our kids should always be protected.


The other major headline we came across yesterday was the armed robbery at the dealership. Long story short, a group of criminals (some claim them to be UN gang members – unconfirmed) went into a dealership fully armed; before attempting to ultimately escape justice, resulting in a big mess. Before we try to get into the incident a little more, take a look at just how hectic the chase was.

The criminals tried to do whatever they could in attempting to evade justice. The chase continued all around the city, even reaching the Surrey area at one point.

Basically – if you were on the road yesterday, you probably got a good show. Roads were messed up, and it’s still unclear as to whether or not all 4 of the suspects were arrested or not. The latest update we received was from our good journalist friend:

The reason why we believe that the UN set may be involved in this GTA heist is because one of the victims that were seen in the following clip had actually revealed some valuable info. In the following video you will be able to see some of the employees at the dealership in visible pain, with clear-cut injuries:

Not sure on which one of the employees revealed the UN set as being apart of the heist, but this is how the conversation looked like:


Let me know what you guys think in the comments. More information to come as we learn more!


  • Not many updates as of now regarding the high-school stabbing other then biased opinions from both the suspect and victim’s family. We’ve already heard about the victim’s sister going on social media and attempting to demolish the suspect’s name; even after being allegedly told not too by law enforcement.
  • For now this case remains unsolved and that’s because we don’t know if it was an act of self-defence or not. A lot of rumours are circulating suggesting that it was a gun vs knife type situation and the suspect had no other choice. We will be providing some screenshots of just some of the opinions and suggestions going around at the conclusion of the updates.
  • Victim’s Candle-light Vigil:
  • As for the Coquitlam dealership armed robbery; there is no major updates other then the fact that 2 suspects still remain on the run.
  • We will be including a lot more visual content of the robbery after we receive some footage from an employee that was involved.
  • Highschool stabbing opinions:


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1 year ago

Was really hoping the cops would shoot those fuckboys graveyard dead

Daniel Swarek
Daniel Swarek
1 year ago


1 year ago

The coquihalla shut down also was involved in the hunt for the other 2 suspects in dealership. The had a safe house in a cabin near the summit.

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