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Discovering Mr. Zindashti’s involvement as the mastermind behind the recent controversy left us utterly stunned. This was a man with strong connections to Iran’s leadership, to the extent that he held the responsibility of eliminating any threats against the nation’s most influential figures. In simpler terms, Iranian dissidents and opposition activists were frequently pursued globally under his command.

What added to the incredulity was the revelation that he had engaged notorious gangsters from the lower mainland as contracted assassins. It all appeared so orchestrated, almost like a scripted drama, until we realized that this recent indictment wasn’t his sole interaction with British Columbia gangsters.

Damian in Prison.

Kimmy’s been on one lately, and the cause became apparent as we witnessed a barrage of headlines starring the love of her life. Mr. Damian Ryan, a distinguished senior figure within the WolfPack set, had once again taken the spotlight. Regrettably for Ryan, it seems to be a situation he can’t simply “silence,” similar to the infamous ‘Billy Lee,’ who vanished without a trace, never to resurface or make a sound again.

However, this time, the narrative beneath his infamous visage carried a distinct tone, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Justice taking the lead. Indictments were made public yesterday morning, with three of the defendants each charged with one count of conspiracy to use interstate commerce facilities in the commission of murder-for-hire. Pearson, the associate hired by Damian to partake in the contract-killings, is also charged with one count of possession of a firearm by a fugitive from justice and one count of possession of a firearm by an alien unlawfully in the United States.

The realm of PGP encryption stands as a distinct world of its own, and Damian found himself in communication with the formidable Zindashti criminal network through the SkyECC network. Prior to delving into the association between the Iranian regime and specific Canadian gangsters, it’s crucial to elucidate the details of Ryan’s contract, as clarified through the office of public affairs:

As alleged in the indictment, between December 2020 and January 2021, Zindashti and Ryan communicated about “jobs,” “equipment,” “tools” and plans to “make some money.” In January 2021, they discussed a job in the United States, with Ryan noting that doing a job in the United States was challenging, but that he “might have someone to do it.” That same day he messaged Pearson about a “job” in Maryland. Pearson stated, “shooting is probably easiest thing for them,” and that he was “on it.” Ryan recommended “2 guys go with proper equipment.” Pearson said he would encourage the recruits for the job to “shoot [the victim] in the head a lot [to] make example” and that he would tell them “we gotta erase his head from his torso.”

On or about Jan. 30, 2021, Zindashti messaged Ryan on SkyECC seeking an update on the job. Ryan responded that he was getting “things in order” and that he would need money. A few days later, Zindashti told Ryan that Zindashti’s organization was ready to move forward. Zindashti and Ryan then agreed on a $350,000 payment for the “job,” in addition to $20,000 to cover expenses.  After Zindashti introduced Ryan to Co-Conspirator 1, Ryan responded: “We have a 4 man team ready.”

Over the days that followed, Ryan and Co-Conspirator 1 continued to correspond on SkyECC about the plot. Specifically, Co-Conspirator 1 sent Ryan information about the would-be victims, including their photographs and images of a map that highlighted the victims’ known address. In or around March 8, 2021, Co-Conspirator 1 facilitated a $20,000 payment to Ryan for purposes of covering travel expenses associated with the plot.   

If Damian hadn’t been prevented from entering Greece prior to his Ottawa life, it’s safe to assume that he wouldn’t have been behind bars.

One thing led to another, and when we all thought those viral headlines of that attractive million dollar home in Ottawa was the last of DR’s legal issues; we were proven wrong.

Luckily for ‘DR’, he has a loyal team behind him on the streets, and now the music industry as well:

The following footage is of a motorcycle that belongs to the current CEO of the WolfPack music label:

We will be releasing a detailed profile on Damian, ultimately analyzing the deadly assassination attempts on his life and much more.

Many years ago, we saw the exact same situation with another pair of gangsters, both now deceased.

Orosman Garcia
Harpreet Majhu

Two members of the Brothers Keepers were enlisted by the same Iranian kingpin (as DR) for an international assignment. Despite the ambiguity surrounding how they established this connection with the Iranian figure, they traveled to Dubai and successfully carried out their mission. This incident was briefly covered when our platform first started, and we even possessed raw footage capturing the two men engaged in a high-speed chase towards the airport in Dubai, managing to escape the country before being identified as the assailants.

The target in question was a Turkish individual accused of allegedly causing the death of Naji Sharifi Zindashti’s daughter.

Eyebrows were disastrous

The key disparity between the contract killings, now and eight years ago, lies in the motives; one driven by revenge, and the other to safeguard Iran’s tarnished image. The current situation echoes a strikingly similar scenario unfolding in India, where there is evident involvement in recruiting Canadian gangs and gangsters to execute their agendas.

Regrettably for the duo, their alleged return to the province was marked by an audacious and cocky demeanor. The origin of the directive given to Gavinder Grewal to act in this manner remains unclear, but the prevailing belief is that it must have come from a high-ranking figure within the Hells Angels organization.

Garcia-Arevalo was shot to death on May 11, 2016, and his body dumped in an Abbotsford blueberry field. His murder remains unsolved.
Majhu’s remains were found in a burnt-out vehicle in Agassiz on June 10, 2016, unsolved.

Although we have no clue on how the two BK members were linked with Naji, we know how Damian’s relationship was built.

Omid Tahvili, one of the only two men to have escaped prison in British Columbia is the primary link between Naji Sharifi Zindashti, and the WolfPack/Hells Angels organizations.

Tahvili shares a longstanding and robust connection with Ryan that extends over decades. Additionally, he maintains a close bond with the alleged billionaire Iranian kingpin. Given the circumstances, there seems to be little likelihood of the kingpin’s arrest, and it’s quite plausible that Omid is residing in a mansion adjacent to Zindashti.

Adding another layer to the narrative, Omid is the father of ‘Couvlife Tino,’ a rapper associated with the Brothers Keepers and affiliated with the ‘ChaseTheBag’ label, which has been under DG’s influence and control.

Police Gang 1️⃣
Hells Angels2️⃣
Brothers Keepers4️⃣
Red Scorpions/BIBO5️⃣
United Nations6️⃣
Ruffians/Indian Government⛔️
Current Set-Rankings: Detailed break-down with a visual production (movie) set to be released tomorrow afternoon.
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