Jayden Prasad Homicide:

Very important reads to help you better understand yesterday’s homicide in Jayden Prasad.

We went viral again yesterday, after multiple reports swarmed in following the outrageous shooting at 148 & 108th (Circle-K). 3 members were in the Durango (victim vehicle), with only 1 not being officially confirmed in TJ Flett (overweight, chubby kid), and the other 2 in Jayden & Dhindsa (confirmed).


Originally – we believed this to be some sort of dispute between unknown DBOYS, until we discovered the parties involved. Jayden Prasad (victim), was a very young man whom was ultimately mixed up with the wrong crowd. This individual was not a member of the Brothers Keepers and it’s safe to say that Kim Bolan really does have an obsession with brown guys & chest-tattoos.

Not to mention that she also drools over our work, is constantly watching all of our platforms, and fails to credit us in her new cat-infested basement/work setting. He may have known a few guys that worked under a BK phone, but it’s very clearly understood that this kid was more of a friend than actually involved himself. Thats not to say that he wasn’t on the road selling drugs and whatnot, but he definitely didn’t have the same passion for the life that Gurjot Dhindsa or Jordan had.

Jayden Prasad & Jordan Krishna (best-friends)

It’s still unclear on what the actual motive was behind the brazen shooting, but we have pretty much confirmed via the streets that Gurjot Dhindsa was the intended target and not Jayden.

It’s alleged that the two were seated in the same vehicle, but we don’t know if it was Gurjot or TJ that was the 2nd individual whom was injured with bullets or not. Gurjot did however look pretty stable to us:

Jayden & Gurjot were pretty much inseparable, especially after Jordan was gunned down. One could argue that this day was going to come for either of them, and that’s because they were always together. This ensured that Jayden’s life was always in constant danger (Gurjot has many enemies), regardless of how hard he tried to push his life in a positive direction:

Jayden was training to be a barber. Unlike CouvlifeTino, whom dropped his barber position for the microphone/streets; Jayden was doing the opposite.

Although he has no allegiance to the Brothers Keepers itself, he did know a few guys that worked in a BK cell/program. It consisted of guys that were as young as him, and the only difference between Jayden and them was the fact that they knew a legitimate BK member (who was putting them on $). It’s unclear if Jayden himself was working a phone that was operated via the BK team, but we do know that he was definitely involved in the underworld. All of his close friends were working in the drug trade. Guys like Dhindsa, Too-Short, Robeen and his best-friend in Jordan were just some of the guys that you would find around Jayden on a daily basis. These were all kids at one point whom have now made a severe transition into a lifestyle that is almost impossible to get out of.

Here’s a look into just how fast these kids transition:

We wanted to get this out because a lot of you wanted a visual look into the victim. However, this homicide is extremely important to our ‘Asshole’ character profile (which has now jumped in front of the line, in terms of priority release). For now, we just need to understand that this homicide is very similar to the triple shooting back that took Jordan’s life in July. Like Jayden, Jordan wasn’t the intended target at Surrey South Athletic; it was Too-Short (whom Jordan was employed under) that was supposed to die. It turns out that he was the only one that survived. This should go to show you that this game truly is unpredictable, and you can lose your life even if you have minimal involvement.

So far, all fingers are pointing at Gurjot Dhindsa and we don’t know if Prasad was actually working under him or not. Some have even called him out for allegedly setting his close-friend up (which we don’t agree with), and that’s because of the images captured that explain him as having ran away from the scene.

Pretty positive that anyone who just witnessed their friend get shot 6+ times (once in the head allegedly) would be sprinting.

It definitely seems like law enforcement will be getting to the bottom of this, and that’s because of how careless the suspects seem to be. Similar to the fast arrest of Bryce Campbell (jordan & robeen’s killer), this one looks like it’s going to follow the same trajectory. Considering how this homicide revolves around the new/young generation of DBOY/HITTERS, it makes sense that the killers failed to light the homicide-linked vehicle on fire. It’s alleged that they tried to engulf the vehicle in flames but ultimately failed due to immediate response by emergency teams. This pretty much wraps the case up, as every gangster knows that the only way to truly get away from a homicide is to ensure that you leave no traces behind.


A very detailed explanation on the hierarchy, members involved, sets involved, past incidents/homicides, and everything in between will be made available in our Asshole CP. For those that don’t know, Asshole is an older DBOY who operates a successful program. An important thing to note is that his program consists of young DBOY workers. Make sure you subscribe if you haven’t! Consistency is back!




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