Jessy Furtado-Benard: Murdered At A Strip Club In Terrebonne (VIDEO)

In the wee hours of Thursday morning, half an hour before the closure of Terrebonne strip club; O’Gascon Gentlemen’s Club, located at 1911 Chemin Gascon, a fight ensued which resulted in a death. Terrebonne is located on the North Shore of Montreal with a population of roughly 120,000. Terrebonne is no stranger to crimes, within the last year there have been more than a few crimes taking place in the town located in the Lanaudiere region. Most of these crimes have been related to drug manufacturing.

O’Gason Gentlemen’s Club
O’Gascon Gentlemen’s Club

At 2:30PM, nearing closing time for the strip club, a fight had broken out in the strip club between patrons, chairs were thrown, trays were used as weapons and tables were toppled over. A witness of the incident remarks how everything that could be used as a weapon and thrown including beer bottles were used. Even the strippers were receiving collateral damage. During the incident, at least 2 people had been stabbed.

A blood stained Acura.

When the police showed up patrons were starting to flee the scene by foot, leaving their vehicles in the parking lot, hoping to avoid a car chase. Police continued to frequent the club during the day hoping to get a suspect that had partook in the fight. Once authorities arrived, fellow patrons of the bar that had witnessed the brawl, started filming the takedown that followed suit by the police. The witness stated how there were around 10 cops in the establishment but only 2 to 3 outside, arresting perps.

In the video that had been filmed by the bystander had portrayed two patrons that had been involved in a the fight, one of them being a stabbing victim, visibly intoxicated. One of them screaming about how he’s a warrior and the other shouting at a cop about how he had rights.

Video of the arrests.

The question might arise on how this brawl had started and the reason has not been released yet. 32 year old Jessy Furtado-Benard had been a casualty, who eventually had been killed in results of the brawl. We also know a stab victim had been transported to the hospital.

Jean-Philippe Celestin

Jessy Furtado-Benard was no innocent man but rather known to police. The 32 year old man is reported to have had ties with gang leader, Jean-Philippe Celestin, whose brother had been riddled with bullets coming out of a restaurant last month. Jean-Philippe Celestin is started to pop up more and more in the news since Gregory ‘Picasso’ Woolley’s funeral.

Jean-Philippe Celestin at his brother’s funeral.
Jean-Brandon Celestin, Jean-Philippe’s brother.

Authorities are seeing if this conflict had been related to Furtado-Benard’s link to Celestin, but it is highly unlikely.

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