Kevin ‘Shorty’ Sangha: Scott Road Shooting

As we navigate through the visual tapestry, our aim is to provide an immersive experience, allowing our audience to engage with the raw reality of the event. The video becomes a portal, offering a firsthand glimpse into the dramatic and consequential moments of the shooting, unlocking a deeper understanding of the complex narrative surrounding ‘Shorty’s’ tragic fate.

In the span of just seven days, our city has become a battleground with four violent shootings, signaling a disturbing escalation. As we usher in the new year, the streets are rife with chaos, witnessing members from nearly every gang falling victim to the relentless violence.

The UN faction, under the leadership of Skidz, faced the grim reality of 2024 with the loss of AmritPal ‘Umba’ Saran, a name synonymous with the brand of danger that shadows the city. Following this initial blow, the ranks of BIBO suffered a devastating hit as Johnson, known as Buddha, met his end at the hands of the Brothers Keepers.

Just as we dared to hope for a lull in the storm, our optimism shattered. The violent episodes we’ve witnessed in this short month seem to be only the prologue to an impending storm. The drug trade, an already precarious underworld, now teeters on the edge of a precipice. The recent separation of BIBO from the Red Scorpions, a story unraveling in the near future, adds fuel to this already raging fire. Turf wars are imminent, and ‘Shorty’s’ fate today is a stark reminder of the ruthless competition for control:

The city’s drug trade, notorious for its volatility, has reached a tipping point. The recent divergence of BIBO from the Red Scorpions, detailed in the upcoming narrative, exacerbates an already severe issue. With everyone vying for control, ‘Shorty’s’ fate today serves as a poignant illustration of the imminent clashes over territory. The streets are ablaze with tension, and it seems we are on the precipice of a violent struggle for supremacy.

In the aftermath of ‘Shorty’s’ demise, rampant speculations flooded the airwaves, hastily branding him as a member of the notorious Brothers Keepers. While it is true that he had prior affiliations with the gang through connections like Indy Pamma, emerging insights suggest that, contrary to assumptions, he operated independently at the time of his tragic end.

In an exclusive conversation with a source deeply entrenched in the circles that Sangha once belonged to, we gleaned valuable insights. The source, considered close to Sangha’s inner circle, shed light on the intricate dynamics surrounding his recent status:

Our dialogue with this insider provided a nuanced perspective, challenging the surface-level assumptions. Despite his historical ties to the Brothers Keepers, it appears ‘Shorty’ had embarked on an independent path leading up to his untimely demise. The intricacies of Sangha’s associations, intricately woven through Indy Pamma, and others, painted a picture of a man navigating a complex web of connections in the perilous world he inhabited.

In the current unfolding narrative, one indisputable fact remains – ‘Shorty’ has fallen victim to a targeted shooting. Beyond this stark reality, a tapestry of rumors begins to weave a complex tale, with one thread suggesting that Sangha may have initiated his own drug enterprise by allegedly robbing his ex group leader, and his associates. ALL ALLEGATIONS.

We’ll get to the bottom of it all, as usual – as always.

We hope Kev recovers 100%

In the days to come, the narrative promises to deepen, unraveling the mysteries that surround ‘Shorty’s’ demise. Stay tuned for further insights and intel as we navigate the intricate web of information emerging from the streets, shedding light on the true nature of events leading to this targeted and consequential shooting.

At the forefront of our coverage, a comprehensive 4-minute video encapsulates every facet, angle, and visual element gleaned from the recent shooting involving ‘Shorty.’ The invaluable centerpiece of this coverage is the CCTV footage, a critical recording that vividly captures the unfolding events of the targeted incident.

If only he was driving the new cyber-truck.

Vehicle was obviously engulfed in flames. These hitters (out-of-town seems like) are getting truly confident.

We also received false reports of some sort of retaliatory shooting that occurred 2 hours after the Scott Road incident:


Updates Soon.


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