Keziah Mackenzie: Montreal’s 17th Murder Occurs At A Basketball Court

A murder in itself is a hard thing to handle for the victim’s family. The family is left looking for answers while the victim lies lifeless. The only thing that could make a murder more gruesome, is the fact that a sibling is watching the act. Such was the case last Wednesday, when a man was assassinated under the eyes of his own brother.

Towards 7:30pm on Duff Court, Keziah Paul De-Shong Mackenzie was shot to death, a man, unknown to police was shot until his body lie lifeless. A little before, a suspect had gotten out of a vehicle before aiming a pistol at Mackenzie and shooting until he dropped. This marked the 17th murder throughout Montreal and it’s surrounding regions.

The more chilling aspect of this story was the fact that the victim’s brother was witness and in the surrounding crowd when the murder happened. Mackenzie was 27-years-old at the time he was gunned down. His brother went to the rescue, urging him to stay conscience after he was shot, but the efforts brought on by his brother did not prevent the victim to succumb to his wounds.

Keziah Mackenzie

I believe there is nothing more ‘post traumatic’ than urging you brother to stay alive after being riddled with gunshots, with blood spilling out of his wounds. One of the fatal bullet wounds which forensics believe had made Mackenzie a dead man was one to his head. Mackenzie’s death was confirmed onced he was rushed to the hospital.

Four gunshots had rang out in which nearby witnesses had thought was fireworks, in what is supposedly known as a calm neighborhood. A witness believed it was fireworks initially but after seeing the suspect on the ground, she quickly phoned police and authorities.

Local resident’s are wondering how they’ll get to sleep after this recent recent. It no secret that Montreal crime has gone rampant throughout the pas few years, but is this the government’s fault or is it just the way thing’s rolls throughout the beginning of the 21st century?

The suspect is believed to be an 18-year-old man, almost aged a decade past the suspect he gunned down. Police are still searching for the suspect. Mackenzie was the father to two young children. Witnesses stated they heard a total of 4 gunshots.

Keziah Mackenzie
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