Langley Shooting – Bittu 💀:

IHIT confirmed a shooting in Langley that resulted in a homicide, late last night in the 7700 block of 211 B Street, at around 11 pm.

It seems to be linked to the ongoing gang-conflict, as we’ve already witnessed some of the trademarks associated to these shootings (vehicle engulfed in flames).

We haven’t linked this shooting to Walia’s recent death, but it does appear to be a retaliating hit. In addition to the Langley hit, a Surrey residence was also targeted and shot at multiple times:


  • A few different opinions have been circulating. One of the more popular ones suggest the victim in Bittu in being linked and associated to the Brothers Keepers gang. We haven’t confirmed anything as of yet, but we do know that he did have some sort of relationship with multiple BK big-names. However, our sources have stated that he actually was not a member of the set – and therefore his current gang status is still unknown. Others also claim him to have been apart of the Wolfpack set. What is known – is that he was a very close associate to Gurp Dhaliwal at one point.
  • His first name may be Robbie, and he’s allegedly known as ‘Bald Bittu’
  • Keep in mind that a lot different high-profile criminals are linked to sets like UN or BK, but just because they may have worked with them in the past; doesn’t mean they’re apart of the gang.

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1 year ago

Do not understand the relevance of the video but great story and first to publish likely names of deceased. Keep up the good work 6!

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