LoloLanski, Jaycoz & Shmoney = Murderers

  • We’ve added a search bar on our homepage. If you are not familiar with any of these characters, make sure you read the character profiles we completed on all of them. It’s important you read the stories, so you understand just how extensive their wrap-sheets are. Shmoney and Jaycoz just recently tried to smuggle drugs into Pistol P’s prison via drone.

Jaycoz on left, Shmoney in Centre, and Lundski on right.

News broke out today in the lower-mainland in regards to 3 RS/BIBO associates that have been charged in connection to a homicide two years ago. Ekene Anigbo and Jalen Falk have officially been charged with murdering Naramata resident Kathy Richardson, an Okanagan woman.

Shahram Tokhy (just got shot recently with Sujjad) was also charged with conspiracy to commit murder in Coquitlam, Agassiz, Kelowna and Prince George in May 2021. It’s safe to say that these kids were plotting on killing half the province. These BIBO demons will not be coming home for a long time. there’s a reason why the Red Scorpions dominate prisons in the west; and it’s because they’re all in jail for life-long sentences.

Law enforcement had these guys under wraps for a while, especially after all three of them were involved in a vehicle accident in Quesnel, in May of 2021. Police at the time connected their vehicle to a drive by shooting in Prince George hours earlier, that targeted Anthony Graham. Graham dodged bullets and remains a fugitive at large, after being charged along with Wade Cudmore for killing Kamloops brothers Carlo and Erick Fryer:

Keep in mind that Wade Cudmore is the son of the deceased mother in Richardson (whom the BIBO demons killed)

Anigbo’s image was one of six on a May 17, 2021 Vancouver Police poster warning the public that he could be targeted in the gang war. Four days later, he was stopped in Richmond, along with a female associate.

These guys really were moving reckless as soon as Gary Kang was murdered. They felt the need to avenge the fallen leader, in order to build some sort of name for themselves. It turns out that it all backfired, as they now will be spending a lot of time behind closed walls.

Seems like BIBO DrillDoc may be the only hope for the RS/BIBO set, until Kyle and Sam come home.

Jay Coz
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Frankie F
Frankie F
1 year ago

That Anigbo kid is one shitty rapper

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