Michael Chouinard Kidnapping: More News Comes To Light

More than a week after being released in the middle of the night, on the middle of the street in Rosemont, missing a finger and a toe. More news comes to light on Michael Chouinard’s kidnapping. Earlier on in February, police publicly announced that a 28 year old Saguenay resident was kidnapped in relation to the drug war taking place on the Eastside of the province. Less than a day after it was publicly announced, Michael Chouinard was found, hailing down a car for help in the middle of the street in the Rosemont sector of Montreal.

Michael Chouinard

Chouinard’s mother might have portrayed him as an innocent man when she posted a call-to-help on Facebook. The reality is, Chouinard was a drug dealer, even at one time, reportedly working for All Boivin, a reputed Saguenay drug dealer, now on the run from a drug ring sting operation. Boivin had bought his drugs from the Hells Angels in the past, but since the drug conflict has taken place, he has opposed the powerful MC. So we might suspect, Chouinard was kidnapped as a pawn in the conflict.

All Boivin

Chouinard’s kidnapper was located by the Quebec Authorities. He was tracked and arrested somewhere in Ontario roughly a week later. Nearly a decade younger than Michael Chouinard, Julien Leguedard, 19, had managed to kidnap Chouinard and mutilated his fingers and toes. The young criminal had a vey quiet demeaner once he passed in court via video-conference.

Julien Leguedard, Chouinard’s kidnapper.

There hasn’t been any news set, to whether Leguedard had executed the kidnapping with regard to the Blood Family Mafia. The arrest was made under the Projet SCANDALEUX joint task-force between the Quebec City police, Saguenay city police and the provincial police named the SQ.

The street where Chouinard was found.

All Boivin’s crew also suffered some losses last week with a seizure of 30,000 amphetamine tablets, a half kilogram of cocaine along with a half kilogram of mushrooms. Authorities also seized cannabis, crack, a dozen cellphones and a grand in cash money. Two men of 36 and 37 years old as well as a women of 49 years old were subsequently arrested. A 30 year old was arrested before shortly being released by authorities.

All Boivin

We can suspect that these arrests were made subsequently to Projet SCANDALEUX, an operation set forth in an attempt to cripple the drug war on the Eastside of the province. It is said that All Boivin has ties with Blood Family Mafia leader Dave ‘Pic’ Turmel.

All Boivin
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