Mohamad Chabaan: Brother Of Ali Chabaan Arrested, Cube Express Raided

With the recent vehicle theft summit held at the beginning of February, we’ve seen a few car theft rings be unveiled, leading to the seizure of multiple vehicles in the Port of Montreal and a few other different places. The most recent incident was when authorities seized 21 cars a couple weeks ago and arrested 6 suspects. But we have wrote articles, most notably, about a key player, Ali Chabaan’s assassination attempt. Well, this time, it wasn’t Ali that was featured in the news, but rather his brother Mohamad Chabaan. The crime he was charged with committing? To no surprise, was in relation the the theft of vehicles.

Arrest made in relation to the 21 car seizure last week.

Mohamad, the 25 year old brother of Ali Chabaan was arrested last Tuesday as he is suspected to be a key player in the exportation of vehicles to other continents around the world. It is said that he is a prime suspect in an operation that not only targets him, but his brother as well. Although, Ali Chabaan, has not been arrested. He was arrested along Highway 13, near the Grand-Cote exit.

Search warrant being effected at 10050 Cote-de-Liesse, Cube Express.

Mohamad was arrested in the presence of a tactical intervention squad as authorities believed he would have been armed at the time of his arrest. Mohamad had no prior criminal record, and was later released after his arrest. His arrest has been reportedly executed at the same time that vehicle seizures and a search warrant has been effected.

We’ve mentioned that Ali Chabaan has had a business that already has a foot-hold in the exportation of vehicles name Cube Express, located on 10050 Cote-de-Liesse in Lachine. Oddly enough, this is where the police effected their search warrant. We do not know how many vehicles have been seized but we can assume there has been seizures made. Now, why aren’t we hearing about Ali Chabaan getting arrested while one of his warehouses are effectively being raided is a mystery.

Ali Chabaan first publicly made it on the new in January of this year. When an attempt on his life was made following a visit of a prospective restaurant Ali would own. As he walked to his car, a gun-man popped up on the driver’s side of his G-Wagon, where he was sitting, and unloaded about 10 shots at Ali. He made into the passenger seat and escaped through the passenger door. He was struck with one bullet in the arm.

Crime scene of the attempted shooting.

A few weeks after this incident, Chabaan was targeted again, but this time it would be a resto-bar lounge that he owned that would suffer from the gunshot wounds. A shooter would make his way to the Antika Lounge off highways 13 a few hours after it had closed. The perpetrator would then shoot at the entrance of the business. The Lounge was closed, thankfully, and no one had been hurt. The suspect was later arrested for having discharged a firearm. The suspect’s name was Terron Martin.

L’Antika Lounge
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