Mohamud Abdi Duale: 21st Homicide In The Greater Toronto Area

Crime in Toronto is not showing signs of slowing. The hot topic nowadays is grand theft auto, coincidently the initials of the crime correlate directly to the area it is happening in; the Greater Toronto Area. Another rampant crime is shootings and homicides, which is what todays article is about; the homicide of Mohamud Abdi Duale.

Sunday evening, a little before 5pm, TPS (Toronto Police Services) as well as emergency services arrived on the shooting scene near the intersection of Lawrence Avenue West and Ralph street in the city’s Weston neighborhood. Once they assessed the situation, a 32-year-old man was found with several gunshot wounds. They attempted to bring him back to life, but failed, as he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Mohamud Abdi Duale

The 32-year-old man was Mohamud Abdi Duale. The next question you may ask yourself is; was this a gangland shooting? Quite frankly, authorities do not know what had led to the shooting. We do know that the sound of gunshots had rang out at around 4:48pm on Sunday evening, which is when Toronto Police Services received the call.

A lot of questions remained unanswered. The suspects were able to flee, and authorities still don’t know how. Was it by foot? A sedan? There has been no information released concerning the shooters. Was this a case of mistaken identity? The public is being left on a whim with no clue.

Although, we do know that this murder has had a ton of community outreach with pastors as well as community leaders getting together to try to tackle the rampant crime which is taking place in the neighborhood. Shooting incidents in Toronto have almost more than doubled from last year, with 2023 have 66 incidents while 2024 is at 117 shooting incidents.

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