Montreal-North Shootout in February Sees 6th Suspect Arrested

For those that don’t know, Montreal-North is known as the ghetto of Montreal, where thugs and street gangs lurk. The main boulevard that runs through the borough is named Pie-IX, a boulevard that runs through Montreal-North through Rosemont and Hochelaga and leads straight to Laval. There is even a change in architecture when going through Montreal-North. It is the home of the Zone 43 street gang.

Last February on the 12th, a shootout had taken place between two separate vehicles close to the intersection of Rue Prieur and Avenue Parc-Georges in the middle of the day time at 1:30pm. Authorities had checked if there were any hospital admissions concerning bullet wounds from several different hospitals, but no bullet wounds had been reported throughout several hospitals.

Along Boulevard Pie IX, there is a Maxi grocery store coming into the Montreal-North sector. Police had later found an abandoned vehicle with numerous bullet holes in it, this was only 2 kilometers away from the initial crime scene. 5 bullet holes where found on the body of the car, which the make and model happened to be a grey Dodge Dart.

Dodge Dart riddled with bullets.

A bullet had even managed to be shot at the driver’s side door, even though there were no injuries reported. Surveillance cameras had been viewed by authorities but haven’t been released to the public. The day of the shooting, no one was apprehended. The shoot-out also had taken place close-by Parc Ottawa where children had been playing at the time. There was a total of 6 shots fired during the shoot-out.

Although there was no one arrested shortly after the crime had occurred, many arrests in relation to this shout-out came throughout the month after the attack had happened. Just yesterday, authorities had made the sixth arrest concerning the crime which took place on the 12th of February.

The 6 cones each represents bullet shells shot.

The suspect arrested was only 16 years old and was later released with a promise to show up to his court date. The 16 year old was also charged with possession of drugs with intent to distribute and sell. The other five suspects that were arrested in relation to the shooting that took place that day were not too much older. Two of the suspects were only 17 years old, two others were 18 and 19 and the fifth suspect was a woman aged 23 year olds.

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