Montreal Rapper ‘Dirty S’ Gunned Down In Ahuntsic Borough

It’s a wonder why there are so many legit gang members that also rap, putting them out in the public, practically preaching about their lifestyle through their songs. It seems that these days, gang members gunned down, are also a ‘somebody’ in the rap community.

Local news report interviewing witnesses to the homicide.

It feels as if half these murders are targeted towards local rappers. Least to say, they learned from the upbringing of gangster rap in the ’90’s, jacked the torch, jumped the bearer and ran with it. Is it to make it out of the streets? Or are the streets embedded in their skin? Seems to be the latter. Tonight, yet another rapper was gunned down and shot to death, a rapper by the name of ‘Dirty S’.

Witnesses were startled by the loud ringing of gunshots tonight (14/05/2024) that had seemed to never end. Its hard to commit a witness-less crime when you’re surround by apartment blocks filled with people 10 minutes away from the city center. So was the case with tonight’s homicide when at 10:20pm, a witness told local media he had heard 5 consecutive gunshots, followed by a final shot and the screeching of tires. Witnesses then saw a lifeless body on the streets of the eastern Montreal borough.

The scene of the crime on Tuesday night.
Police interrogating witnesses of the shooting.

The suspect, or suspects, had already fled the crime scene soon after the shooting occurred by the intersection of Park Avenue and Legendre Ouest. Authorities shortly reached the crime scene soon after, and attempted to bring the lifeless body back to life through the method of CPR, it was too late. He was rushed to the hospital where he was officially pronounced dead.

The victim was a 28-year-old man by the name of Christopher Shawn Jean Vilsaint. Vilsaint was a rapper who had started his career in 2019-2020, under the name of ‘Dirty S’ and had managed to release a full album in January 2023, which was preceded by a handful of singles.

Dirty S-Addict music video

His Instagram profile still lies on the web, but lifeless. His first post being in February of 2021, and his last, hyping up another Montreal rapper on May 1st, 2024, who had just released a music video. The rapper’s name is Kilo, who raps in the Haitian language of Creole and reps Haiti with a passion. Toronto may have a majority of Jamaican immigrants throughout the past three generations, but in Montreal, it’s Haiti that takes the cake.

Recently, Dirty S was enjoying himself in the ghetto’s of Haiti, posting several pictures of his vacation on the island, Montreal rapper Kilo was also with him abroad and even filmed some of his videos to include Dirty S.

Kilo x Dirty S-Pas depuis hier music video.
Dirty S (left), Kilo (right). Kilo music video shot in Haiti.
Dirty S-Automatique music video.
Dirty S in Haiti on February 1st, 2023.

There is no doubt in my mind that these two rappers are heavily affiliated to the streets, having connections in Haiti. Haiti is in a world of torment at the moment, with gangs and corruption being rampant, similar to Mexico or Colombia. You’d have to be a very special person to take a ‘vacation’ on the slums of the island.

An Instagram post which recently incarcerated Jo Eazy had liked.

Dirty S was repping a street gang on the east end with allegiance to the color blue. Dirty S also had a previous conviction for credit card fraud in October of 2021. We know Dirty S was signed to 2B Records, Dirty S has been seen wearing busted of chains with the lettering ‘NBH’.

Montreal authorities met with several witnesses in Ahuntsic-Cartierville, and it is a fact that the getaway vehicle in which the shooter or shooters was in was a white sedan. Authorities have not released a motive as of yet, but found many shell casings on the scene of the crime.

Rest In Peace Christopher Shawn ‘Dirty S’ Jean Vilsaint ?-14/05/2024
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