Multiple Shots Fired On The South Shore Of Montreal

Within the recent years Montreal has been facing more and more violence, with shootings, plural, happening each week. This also goes for Longueil, a town located on the south shore of Montreal across the Pont Jacques Cartier. This is where multiple shooting incidents happened over Sunday and Monday.

Thankfully during this onslaught of gun violence, no one was injured. The violence had started late Sunday night when a 62 year old man had decided to open fire at Motel La Siesta located on Boulevard Taschereau in Greenfield Park.

Armed with a high caliber revolver, the man shot his revolver inside a room of the motel, shortly after he had decided to flee on foot and left the motel room, winding up in the parking lot of Cinema Guzzo, which is when he aimed his sights for a second time.

A homeless man, living in his white sedan was parked in the Guzzo lot which was located roughly a kilometer away from Motel La Siesta. The 62 year old suspect had managed to have a brief chat with the homeless man before opening fire of his sedan and fleeing the scene for a second time. The unnamed homeless man was not injured in the incident.

Cinema Guzzo, Greenfield Park

After fleeing the scene of the incident at the Guzzo parking lot, the suspect had decided to ditch his revolver on the steps of an residence located on Rue Vivian. Shortly after, police apprehended the suspect, taking refuge in a store that sells blinds. He was taken into custody.

The bag in which the discarded revolver was found.

By the time the second incident had happened, it’s clear as day that the shooting which occurred on the South Shore were a result of mental illness, with the suspect having a psychotic episode. Officers stated that he was very visibly shook when they apprehended the suspect and brought him straight to a hospital. It is most likely that there were no motives in the crimes that had happened hours before, but just the result of a man having a psychotic break.

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