Myles Sanderson Dead🤔:

What a day for the nation, as the 4 day manhunt in one of the country’s nastiest serial killing sprees to date; has finally concluded. The brothers in Damien and Myles have been blasted on every outlet across the globe, and therefore we assume that you guys have a good idea on what they look like and who they were.

Damien, the younger brother, was found dead 2 days ago and we believe that it was Myles who killed him. Assuming we would get to the bottom, it is now unclear on what we’re going to see in regards to justice; as the remaining suspect was also deemed dead. This came in just 30 minutes ago from the Global News camp, ultimately stating that Myles is confirmed to be dead even though pictures and videos of his arrest had surfaced on the internet.

Heres the article that Global news published.

An emergency alert was put out by law enforcement after Myles was spotted in an area close to Rosthern (where he was apprehended), in which he had been seen with a knife and had ultimately stolen a white truck. It wasn’t too long after until he was arrested and allegedly rammed into by multiple police vehicles.

Everything seemed to be going well and a lot of relief was expressed throughout the country, until we later realized that he somehow ended up dead?

Here are some tweets that you can find on our timeline.

It really is suspicious and it makes you almost think that something was done to him. We aren’t pointing any fingers but reporting him in custody and then later declaring him dead, isn’t going to sit too well with the public.

What really happened? He didn’t look dead at all and thats why we tend to agree with this opinion:

We need answers. We felt the need to publish this because everyone should be aware on how mysterious and weird this all seems to be. More on our TWITTER FEED!

Considering how he’s been in prison/jail for majority of his life, we assume that he knew he wasn’t going to have a pleasant experience, this time around. This could’ve played a huge role into him taking his own life with what seems to be ruled as an overdose. Our best assumption at this point is that once he realized his fate and discovered that he had no where else to run or escape, he must’ve swallowed or taken some sort of narcotic at an excessive level/rate. Therefore, we saw him functioning and successfully being arrested by the police. Prison in Saskatchewan is filled with indigenous/native people that are from remote reserves all across the province. This is where gang affiliations begin and it’s just a given that Myles would not be accepted and would’ve possibly been beaten to death.

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