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The start to the month saw yet another mainstream rapper lose his life to gun-violence.
The following footage contains graphic footage and viewer discretion is strongly advised ⬇️

Rest In Peace TakeOff – –

Before we begin with stories and videos that caught our eye during the last 10 days, take a look at how TakeOff’s death had inspired clout-chasing opportunities, from the greatest of celebrities like Lebron James:


We’re back and steady with daily releases, as well as scheduled episodes that are available on our VIP exclusive blog. After facing our heaviest set-back, we will be slowly rolling out our previous goals and upcoming announcements that we had laid out; such as the new creators and writers that will be joining the blog. 2023 will be the year we lift-off, and for now the membership fee will remain at $6 a month. (way lower than media outlet subscriptions such as Vancouver Sun)

If you’re new to our recaps, make sure you’ve checked out our weekly write-ups that we have published on our blog. Due to the 3 week absence on our platform, this recap will not only include note-worthy crime stories but viral videos that would normally have been uploaded on our VOTD series. (VOTD and visual releases in general, on our gallery pages, will resume on Saturday in both the exclusive content and regular content tabs.)

In other words, get ready to catch-up on some current and recent content.

A few stories/videos will not be mentioned on this post and that’s because it was probably addressed on our recent ????OTW or Set-UP Thotiana Episode.

These include:

  • Saskatoon Homicide Situation
  • India Situation
  • Gucci’s Arrest
  • Few other notable stories that occurred in YYC/YEG (included in our new set-up thot EP which may or may not be released at the time of this read)

The whole Saskatoon situation has been the trending topic as of late, and as always – we provide user-submitted information that act as updates and are known to be factual almost always. With that being said, and because we won’t be including or mentioning the whole incident in this recap; we wanted to share a few minor updates that incorporate interesting visuals regarding the alleged ‘baby-daddy’ who was fought over. Make sure you read our original recap to the story that includes important updates in the conclusion.

Known as Jayden as the streets have reported.

The suspect has also been released with conditions and on a $5k bail, earlier today:


You can only imagine how Hodan’s family is reacting to this news. The prosecutor saw no issue with the release, and her legal team has confidently stated that the tragedy was an act of self-defence.




After the last few months and the extreme violence we have witnessed, things seemed to have slowed down until Chilliwack discovered 2 dead bodies. As of now, updates are very minimal regarding this double homicide and it’s raised our overall suspicion that much more. We will keep you guys up to date, and for now we believe it was involved to the ongoing gang violence. It’s an isolated incident and officials haven’t said much, but explain how they were called to a residence in the 44400 block of South Sumas Road before 2 pm.

Investigators have determined the deaths of an adult man and woman are suspicious, but haven’t declared it to be related to the ongoing gang violence. Rumours have stated that the victims have still been unidentified and that’s because of how disfigured their remains were. No confirmations.


Lil Baby caused a storm when he didn’t perform his set and though we all have our own opinions on why he didn’t come out, it’s safe to say that all those kids and young adults that reacted are now regretting their actions. Law enforcement did the obvious last month, when they released a poster of these rioters and suspects that were caught on camera and mentioned how a lot more of these “top 10’s” would be following.

We aren’t going to show any of the footage or anything regarding the whole situation, and that’s because we published a whole piece on it! It was one of our biggest moments in elevating our blog and it’s because of the credits we were receiving from mainstream media outlets that ranged from the likes of TMZ to Canada’s most established networks. We’re serious too, just google ‘6ixademiks’ and Lil Baby or PNE riot, etc.

Overall, these kids that thought their antics would get them a Netflix special are now all trembling and praying that they aren’t blasted on the next poster. This is just the start of what’s to come and who’s going to answer for their actions, and it’s safe to say that VPD have done a pretty good job in capturing these rioters.


We were hit with some crazy footage earlier in the month, when a 25 year old (we won’t reveal his identity due to his family’s request) was shot at several times. The shooter clones the appearance of that to a DBOY, or individual that is involved in the current gang-conflict. We all know that this war is starting to see a deadly rise yet again, and it’s situations like these that have us all scared:

Before you watch the footage, it’s important to note that the victim did survive and no arrests have been made. A vehicle on fire was obviously later found, and we have heard all of the controversy and rumours regarding who the intended target was alleged to be. It’s a story we are starting to see more and more, and we really do hope that innocent lives such as the correctional officer who was mistaken for Chucky, (last year) don’t get caught in this brutal turf-war.


Viewer discretion is strongly advised.


A new photo has been surfacing on the web of the WolfPack leader living behind bars:

Here was Damion in his prime:



Mohamed Hasan (incarcerated)

BOLO does it again and this time they located and arrested two of the top 25 criminals that were featured on Canada’s most wanted poster. First, they located the first-degree murderer in Mohamed Hasan out in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan; before catching the more difficult one in Usman Kassim, the Toronto criminal whom was hiding out in the United Kingdom. Whether we choose to believe it or not, the whole BOLO program really does generate results and we’ve seen it time and time again.

Mohamed was clearly the more unprepared wanted fugitive out of the two, and that’s because he was trying to make ends meet; as he was arrested in a trap that was located an hour out of Saskatoon. Even while evading justice that was associated to his murder, this guy was trying to get his phone ‘jumping’ 2 provinces over from where he had committed his crime. His original charges of first-degree murder and attempted murder come from a drive-by shooting incident in April 2021 in Toronto.


Usman had a 50k reward associated with his poster on BOLO.

It’s still unclear on whether or not someone collected the $50k bounty, or whether or not any tips actually resulted in his arrest. Either way, this guy was clearly somewhat advanced; and that’s because he made it to the UK after being blasted as one of Canada’s top – 25 most wanted criminals. Not only that, but the 40 year old was living lavishly in what law enforcement had surprisingly stated. It’s reported that he was living in a very wealthy neighbourhood and had allegedly owned a property, with his neighbours having no clue that a deadly criminal was living alongside them.

The new flats, which sell for up to £1 million, are kitted out with communal facilities including a swimming pool, rooftop terrace and spa.

The 40 year old’s fate came to an end in October, in what police just stated earlier this month as it’s alleged that he was taken into custody by Manchester police.




Right when we read the headline, we automatically thought that an Indo-Canadian was involved and we know most of you did too. However, in one of the most massive busts; it was actually a European by the name of Zenon Bialkowski, a 68 year old Canadian citizen who was ultimately arrested at an inspection booth outside the Blue Water Bridge in Point Edward, Ontario.

It’s quite obvious that this guy was nothing but a mule, a transporter or TP if you’re more familiar to the game. Unfortunately for him, things took a turn for the worse when he was permitted to go through a secondary search at the border-crossing. Not sure if he’ll be out anytime soon, but he doesn’t have a job anymore, and is down almost 200 bricks to a criminal organization.

The suspect cocaine was also sent to the RCMP.

Brampton resident Zenon Bialkowski, 68, has since been charged with importation of cocaine and possession for the purpose of trafficking.

The statement said the matter is now before the courts in Sarnia.



part 1

part 2


This was one of the most disturbing stories we came across since returning to the scene and it’s because it involved young children and was recorded just outside of a school.

Classes had ended at Woburn Collegiate Institute on Monday afternoon just moments before the shooting that left one teen dead, another injured and a third wanted for murder. Toronto police obtained a judge’s permission to identify the 17-year-old suspect publicly on Wednesday.

The case was so disturbing to the public that law enforcement had no choice but to reveal the suspects identity in hopes of assistance in catching the man who killed the 18-year-old in Jefferson Peter Shardeley Guerrier. It worked, and they caught the 17 year old kid.

The following footage contains graphic footage and viewer discretion is strongly advised!

We’ll be releasing our Skidz intro for subs next, as well as VOTD’s and videos as mentioned above.


part 1

part 2

6ixak trying to escape justice: ⬇️????

In case you have no idea what’s been going on in India, here’s a quick little intro: ⬇️????


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