Oakville Double-Shooting: 💥💥

Reports came to light after an Edmonton gangster known as AD was shot to death in Oakville, Ontario.

Click here to read the current details that CBC has published.

Police were called to the Oakville area after 1 am, just last night when one man was found dead and another female was found severely injured. The shooting took place outside a home on Belt Lane, and 2 suspects were allegedly seen fleeing the scene in a light-coloured SUV. They wanted Dhillon so bad that after they initially shot the gangster, they continued to chase him down and fatally finish him; while he was attempting to run for his life on foot.

A lot of Arman Dhillon’s enemies were seen celebrating over social media once the news came to light regarding his death in Oakville, Ontario.

Arman Dhillon, an alleged associate of the United Nations was a big time player in the drug trade. He has multiple connections in the YYC/YEG area, as he was raised in the Alberta province and also has links all throughout BC and Ontario.

In 2016, he had turned himself into EPS after a Canada-wide manhunt was underway for the alleged first-degree murderer who shot a 30 year old Somalian to death.

He was later acquitted of all charges after a ‘complicated and messy trial’. It is very clear that Arman was a target that his enemies wanted, but for it to reach a province that is far from the YYC/YEG area; shows that this gang war has no boundaries. It’s unclear as to when Dhillon relocated to Ontario, however he did set up shop in the province and his enemies clearly knew about his whereabouts. The female victim who was also involved is still apparently recovering.

Take a look at some of the disrespect that had immediately surfaced just minutes after the shooting.

Now, keep in mind that the house that was targeted earlier in the day had belonged to the Samra brothers. Some have even started circulating rumours in regards to Robbie Samra apparently already fleeing the province.

Here was some stories that were posted by members of the BK gang. Certi has also just recently posted one.

This story was posted just hours after the Oakville shooting. It shows an old post that BK fallen gangster Meninder had posted.

Very legendary picture of MD.

???????????????? Tuna refers to UN members

And here was some interesting stories that incarcerated member Jujhar (jon bacons killer and very close associate to skidz and slice) had posted. Obviously, it was a member that represents the camp of Khun Khun as he is still completing his sentence.

Skidz lambo in Dubai with Jujhars book on top of it.

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