After going through what was quite possibly the toughest time we have endured in the last 10 days, we were hit with even more obstacles. It’s safe to say that we’re back and for good! No one got in trouble or arrested regarding anything website or platform-related, and all of the rumours you’ve been hearing are 99.9% false. We were arrested and wrongfully raided – but more will be explained in the coming days.

We are facing a few hiccups, but we will make sure that our blog is prioritized once again and will get back to what we love doing. Thank you for all the patience, especially the subscribers!

Not too sure on what we will be offering you guys because of the pause in content-releases, but this will be announced in an upcoming post.

Have a great halloween, and let’s get back to work!

Be safe

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Opp hunter
Opp hunter
1 year ago

On buzzers and encryption apps

We got more...

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