Quebec City Hells Angels: Mario ‘Banane’ Auger, Marc ‘Marco’ Roberge & Christian ‘Cricri’ Boucher Arrested

The Quebec City chapter of the Hells Angels have faced a lot of unwanted scrutiny these past few months. From having associates tortured, having multiple businesses set on fire and even having their homes and vehicles shot. When the SPVQ (Quebec City Police) and the SQ united to form Operation SCANDALEUX, a police operation formed to tackle the Hells Angels enemie’s, the Blood Family Mafia street gang and other independent dealers, the headlines seemed to have calmed down. All of the crimes above were perpetrated by the Dave ‘Pic’ Turmel and the Blood Family Mafia.

Police made a major sweep, lasting barely 2 weeks and arresting 35 Blood Family Mafia members and their associates in mid-February. No Hells Angels were arrested during this operation, which begs the question, was this police operation one-sided? Not really. About half of the 16 HA members from Quebec City are in their 60’s, most have participated in the Quebec Biker War and hence, sentenced to 6 to 10 years in prison. They had no intention of repeating history. Reports came in that they had apprehended a BFM drug shipment, but were far from setting their sights on the street gang. Mario ‘Banane’ Auger had even taken a trip abroad to Portugal to try and settle the conflict with Dave ‘Pic’ Turmel, to no avail.

Dave ‘Pic’ Turmel
Mario ‘Banane’ Auger

Police had made a major sweep Wednesday morning targeted and 3 Hells Angels Quebec City chapter members. Mario ‘Banane’ Auger, whom we previously mentioned on multiple stories concerning the BFM versus HA drug war, Marc ‘Marco’ Roberge, another familiar member who started out his MC career in the Rock Machine during the biker war and eventually rose up the ranks to become the leader of the Devil’s Disciples MC. And the last one is a new name, Christian ‘Cricri’ Boucher. This had been thanks to the ENCRO police force aimed at targeting individuals involved in organized crime.

Police have assured the public that this was not an operation set out because of the repercussions of the Quebec City drug war, but rather an operation set to tackle drug trafficking that had started in 2021. Close to 70 police officers had been involved, all from either the SPVQ (Quebec City), SPVL (Levis) and the SQ (Regional Police). The charged face accusations of profiting from organized crime, drug trafficking, possession of money relating to drug trafficking and possession of drugs even though there had been no seizures throughout Wednesday.

Marc ‘Marco’ Roberge

This operation did not only stop at the 3 Hells Angels members arrested, but 2 Red Devils MC members, a HA support club, where arrested as well; Guy St-Laurent and Frederick Lefebvre. A dozen other suspects and drug dealers were arrested as well in the sweep, which included;

  • Xavier Fortin
  • Michel Bernaquez
  • Olivier Joyal
  • Gabriel Simard
  • Jason Bard
  • Stacey Guay
  • Eric Beaumont
  • Anne Vigneault
  • Yves-Antoine Savard
  • Philippe Nazon, who was arrested last year in a kidnapping and extortion case.
  • Olivier Robert-Turbide
  • Alex Calvo-Quintero, who was out of the country upon his arrest.
Red Devils MC Quebec City

13 of the individuals had appeared in court this afternoon and released under strict conditions, they cannot frequent the Beauce HA and Red Devils clubhouse located on 2nd Rang in Frampton. Mario Auger, 55, Marco Roberge, 60, and Christian Boucher, 42, had not been released. All of the 16 individuals arrested face a very strict restriction of communicating to each other.

Philippe Nazon

We’re aware of who Auger and Roberge are, but who is Christian ‘Cricri’ Boucher. The 42 year old man is the right hand of Marc ‘Marco’ Roberge and essentially plays a huge part in the drug trafficking going on in the Quebec City and it’s neighboring regions. He is known to police as having made more than a million dollars off the drug trade in eastern Quebec.

Christian ‘Cricri’ Boucher
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