RCMP Raid Clandestine Drug Laboratory In Montreal

Most drugs are made in a laboratory, the question is are they made in a regulated laboratory of just a get-up-and-go lab in a residential house in the middle of a neighborhood. Most street synthetic drugs sold in Quebec, are made in Quebec, One of the most popular pills consumed in Quebec individuals are nicknamed ‘Pinotte’, ‘Speed’ or ‘Bonbons’. In other words this is slang for a clandestinely made amphetamine pill. Some of these pills are made out of Methamphetamine, otherwise known as ‘Meth Bombs’. Meth Crystals are less common in Quebec.

The crime scene of the seizure.
‘ICE’ meth bombs seized in Timmins, Ontario.

The most popular of these pressed pills in Quebec are known as ‘Ice’, a rectangular pill with the Gatorade Ice logo stamped onto them. I’m not too sure if these pressed amphetamine tablets are as popular in western provinces but i know they are prevalent in Eastern and Northern Ontario. The drug is very well-known in the province of Quebec.

An ICE amphetamine tablet.

The RCMP had targeted and raided a house Wednesday morning in the Saint-Laurent borough of Montreal. The seizure took place in a commercial building located on Rue du Miniac, right by the intersection of Highway 40 and Highway 13.

Authorities have arrested a suspect but have not revealed his name to the media as of yet. The drug he was producing hasn’t been named yet, but we know the most clandestinely produced drugs in Quebec are amphetamine tablets along with MDMA or MDA pills. GHB, the so called ‘rape drug’ is also highly produced in Quebec with more than a few raids and seizures going down throughout every year. Xanax, steroids and Cialis are also fraudulently made but not as common. The quantity of the alleged drug to be produced has also, not-yet been revealed.

A couple weeks ago authorities had seized close to 2 million clandestine amphetamine tablets which led to the arrest of 5 people. It is unlikely that this man was running his operation by his lonely. The questions stands; are there going to be any other arrests following this seizure?

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