Red Devils Members Jonathan Bergeron Gosselin & Ian Roy Plead Guilty To a Violent Assault

On the 21st of September last year. A violent assault took place at Bar L’Extase; wounding a man, in the town of Levis. Although, the perpetrators were not caught that night. The arrest came on the 24th of October. They would also execute five search warrants across Levis and Beauce, yielding them a pistol, drugs, ammunition and 3 Red Devil MC patches. Only 2 of the criminals were held by police. The third would be let go as long as he promised to show up to court.

Bar L’Extase, strip joint.

The duo who committed the assault included 29 year old Ian Roy, a member of the Red Devils MC, a puppet club that has very close to ties to the Hells Angels MC. The other individual would be Jonathan Bergeron Gosselin who was also a member. Bergeron-Gosselin already had past charges in relation to drug trafficking, charged in 2015.

Bar L’Extase after the evening of the assault.

There were actually two incidents that had occurred that night. It seems the duo were out to let all the clients of the strip club know, that they wore the Red Devils MC patch. And they were looking for a fight. During the first altercation, Bergeron-Gosselin was agonizing a patron, asking him if he had any relation to either the Red Devils MC, or the Hells Angels. The patron responded he did not.

Jonathan Bergeron-Gosselin

Like most bar fights, it started off with usually bar banter. One patron would make a statement on how he slept with his girlfriend. Ian Roy did not take this statement kindly at all, the disagreement would eventually lead to the 3 men stepping out of the bar to settle their argument.

Ian Roy would then utter “Red Devils! Red Devils!” and brandish a pistol. He would then let the victim know “he was a biker and that he was not to be fooled around with”. Roy then fired a gunshot towards the sidewalk, which ricocheted with bullet fragments, hitting the victim. Roy then brashly stated that the next bullet would end up in his leg if he saw him again.

Red Devils MC Quebec City

They would eventually be caught on October 24, of 2023, roughly a month after the incident. Five search warrants were executed and guns and drugs would be seized. This would add time to the concurrent sentence Bergeron-Gosselin would be serving, due to it violating his probation. The duo would plead guilty to the incident that took place on September 21st of last year. Roy was sentenced to 54 months in prison with time served, while Bergeron-Gosselin would be hit with 48 months with time served.

Important players in Projet Macrame in which Bergeron-Gosselin was convicted of possession of a firearm and drug trafficking.

Being Red Devils MC members did not go unnoticed once behind bars. A week in, the duo were shanked by members of the Blood Family Mafia. Some back and forth had slowly began to take place between the street gang and the Hells Angels MC. The Red Devils were targeted due to them being very close to HA. Mathieu Pelletier, son of a Marc ‘Tom’ Pelletier, a high ranking Quebec City Hells Angels, had actually gotten his start in the Red Devils puppet club. He is now a full patch Hells Angels. Bergeron and Roy are housed at Orsainville Penitentiary.

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