Ricco KingPIN Bust 😱

Alberta just saw it’s biggest drug-bust in history and it was a program that was being led by none other than Ricco King. King was more commonly known as being associated to the YYC godfather in Gary Tattoo, whom has now relocated to Dubai.

Both King and Tattoo were involved in both murder and drug charges together, and when Tattoo decided it was too hot in the country and made the move; King stayed and claimed the throne. This guy was loaded, 2 multimillion-dollar mansions in Halifax and Niagara-on-the-lake were seized, along with two Lamborghinis, a Porsche, classic cars, 19 firearms, 928 kg of meth and 6kg of cocaine. The drugs alone amounted at $55 million dollars, after they were heading way to the streets of Calgary before being intercepted in United States and somewhere in Canada.

A total of 15 people have been charged, but McNeil says ALERT alleges that a man named Ricco King, 50, is believed to be the top figure in the crime organization. King faces charges of trafficking, laundering the proceeds of crime and participation in a criminal organization. 

The 50 year old is a complete ghost on the internet and it makes sense considering how much money he has to afford on top representation. Don’t think he’ll be beating this and that’s because the feds have been investigating his empire for 2+ years now. As always, cartels were involved and the drugs were being shipped from Mexico.

Ricco has been in the game for a long time and it’s because of his father. The two were also involved in importing cocaine with Tattoo and Joshua in 2016, before beating the charges. He has never met the tough-end of the law and it’s because money ultimately buys freedom. The $55 million dollar bust and taking down Alberta’s largest criminal enterprise is insane and all, but what makes this bust so wild is that Fouani Equity Funds Ltd. was charged with participating in the criminal organization. In other words, Talal Fouani (the guy who was shot a month ago, along with his wife who didn’t survive) was on bail for laundering Ricco King’s money. He got his wife killed and should’ve been more aware on the enemies that he had, considering how dominant his ‘team’ was.

More to come when we get visuals on Ricco. Tattoo’s CP is linked above!

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