September Set Rankings 📊:

This is technically a ranking that begins when our last ended; Lower-Mainland August Set Rankings – which was published 1 month ago, on August the 16th.

The following footage is based on the rankings; featuring the HA set at the start of the video and the Ruffians at the very end:

HELLS ANGELS ????#1 ????No changes here and the HA boys remain more dominant than ever with the increased violence across the country. Aside from petty headlines and incidents such as the video of the water balloons being dropped on homeless people by notorious Jaimie Yochlowitz. Other than that, we saw a big time member out in Quebec get full parole – as well as some other minor news-worthy situations. The biggest scenario that occurred for the criminal organization was probably the conviction of high-ranking member in Larry Amero, whom also originated the Wolfpack set. These guys continue to stay at the top of the food chain by staying quiet and avoiding big headlines in the media. The power continues to grow and it’s been stated by officials that more and more biker/puppet clubs that are linked to the 81 boys, are popping up across the west-coast. Don’t think we will ever see the HA set drop in regards to the ranking.
Wolfpack ????#2 ????The WP is known to be the more advanced criminal set and it continues to show, as we still haven’t seen Rabih arrested and probably never will. It’s safe to say that he’s out of the country and has successfully out-smarted Canadian officials. They do have factors that may lead to a decrease in their ranking, as Amero and Rabih (if he was locked up) were ultimately convicted. Another big-time leader in Damion Ryan still remains behind bars and this obviously sets the wolves behind. Apart from that, they keep calm and quiet, and know when to strike as we’ve seen so many times with the perfect example in being Slice’s mainstream hit. These guys are operating all across the world and still continue to operate at very high levels in the west-coast, even with it’s members restricted behind the likes of PGP encrypted software.
United Nations ????????#3 ????It’s crazy considering that the UN set at one point didn’t accept any members of visible minority and in today’s day we have one of its biggest leaders in Skidz. It seems as if ranks #3 and under – all love and embrace the media and enjoy being blasted on outlets. Our last month’s ranking included the significant homicide that the UN gang were behind, in MD’s death, but in this month’s standings they found themselves bouncing and fluctuating. Arman Dhillon was smoked, the eldest Samra almost lost his life but got extremely lucky instead, and finally we saw the arrest of Shakiel Basra. All of these factors almost decreased them to the #4 ranking and they were ultimately saved because of the massive few days the BK set has gone through. That, and the MD homicide – which still remains the most valued name in regards to these high-profile gangsters being gunned down. Skidz also revealed another chain that’s dedicated to his fallen right-hand man in Slice.
Brothers Keepers ????????#4 ????We expected something to occur that was ultimately going to dictate the BK sets ranking this month and that’s because they are known for being fast and quick in retaliation. The other reason we sensed something was because of the big weekend in Rolling Loud, which was already confirmed from months ago that multiple big time gangsters and DBOYS from the west were going to be attending. We just didn’t expect it to turn out the way it did for the gang, as they have been under significant factors that have decreased their ranking. We saw a mid-level member in Andrew Best being sentenced to 5 years, and expect some other big names to be sentenced in the near future. And then we had the tragedy in Lilman’s brother being gunned down in Brampton, in a situation where he was set-up by what seems to be a double-agent. Prince Khan aka PK was a low level drug dealer who was last working for the BK team and was also spotted at the festival in Toronto, with SMAN. He’s known for being the cousin of Moeen Khan, a loyal and devoted member to the Kangs. Given how much more blatant and visible the BK name has been across the media, we expect law enforcement to continue in trying to shut down operations and making it tough for the criminal organization. We’ll see though, and we still expect revenge for MD because of the failed hit in Samra.
BIBO/KANGS/RS? ????#5 ????Our most surprising ranking this week comes from the Kangs and Red Scorpions, in which saw them increase heavily and almost into #4’s spot. One of the biggest set-backs as to why they’re still at #5 is because of it’s lack of presence in the streets, as they still seem to be occupied by youngsters and won’t see it’s OG’s back on the streets and effective for a few more years. Ahmed Tahir also got sentenced to life without parole for 17 years, which just goes to show you the levels that they still operate through. Bacon also doesn’t really help, and we still don’t know whats going on with him. We have been hearing multiple rumours spanning from him losing a lot of his respect and credibility, to him still running shit behind cells. We probably won’t really know until he’s out and we start to take in his first few moves. The reason why they are increasing so rapidly is because of the noise Sam Kang has been making behind prison walls, as news broke out in which claimed an alliance with UN boss in Skidz. It’s been pretty much confirmed now and we don’t really know where this will go; but it’s reported that SK is fed up and he’s ready to act out for all those missed years that led to his family being killed. They’ve also increased points because of PK allegedly revealing the whereabouts of Certi 2x’s brother in Brampton, to his cousin Moeen, who in return alerted SK. This seems to be the first real taste of revenge for the last and only Kang brother, and it was a big one that has pretty much brought them back alive and relevant.
Ruffians ????????‍♂️#6 ????Not much too say here other then the fact that international students will always be a thing in Canada, and now that gangs like the Ruffians exist; we don’t see this wave slowing down anytime soon. We thought the whole lifestyle/drip/music culture only influenced Canadians, but the likes of punjabi music and whatnot does the exact same thing, if not worse to these kids. Dodge challengers aren’t going to be a thing, but that wont stop them. We don’t think they will ever increase in the rankings and will probably be relegated and replaced by another organization, but for now they remain. No real highlights in the past month, they still aren’t really heard of in the country and the media doesn’t do a good job on exposing this idea of gangster yet. We do know they still have successful lines all across Surrey and still have an established structure. The real problem is that you really won’t even be able to tell who’s a Ruffian and who’s not, as all these DBOYS that are international students tend to look the same. That’s why they have been listed at #6 on back-to-back rankings now, and it’s because of how they blend themselves into society.

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