Shakiel Basra Arrested 🔒:

United Nations well known gangster, Shakiel Basra aka Shak; was arrested on August.31st, along with another associate. Surrey RCMP on Friday said that Shakiel Singh Basra, 28, involved in gang and organized crime-related violence was arrested on Wednesday and remains in custody. He’ll probably be out in a few days, but this is an impressive start for law enforcement. It ultimately shows the public that they are doing something about the gang violence, as they arrested the 28-year-old. Shak was identified as a gangster who posed a risk to public safety early last month, because of connections to organized crime-related violence.

At approximately 4:15 pm on Wednesday August 31st, Basra and an un-named associate were arrested by Surrey RCMP in what appears to be a traffic stop. He’s since been charged with possession of a prohibited or restricted firearm and possession contrary to order. He has been remanded into custody and is awaiting his next court date.

Ravi Samra on the left, Shakiel in centre and Chucky aka Amarpreet on the far right.

We analyze Basra in a pretty detailed story regarding The Dhindsa Brothers. A lot more is to be explained about the UN gangster, and we will be approaching him in a detailed CP.

More to come… UPDATES AS USUAL

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