SPVQ’s Project MALSAIN Nabs Criminal Who Took And Assaulted A Hostage

A very important police operation that is taking place throughout these current years in Quebec City is Project MALSAIN. An operation aimed to slow down the amount of drug trafficking taking place in the province’s capitol. Another critical police operation in Quebec City and it’s surrounding regions is Project SCANDALEUX, which was put in place at the beginning of 2024 when a violent, torturous war started in 2023 between the Hells Angels MC, Quebec City chapter and a street gang dubbed the Blood Family Mafia.

These two police operations have been affiliated in past drug and arms busts. The drug war, over certain street gang members and independent dealers has expanded to the North of the province, more specifically in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region located only a couple hours away from Quebec City. But todays article isn’t related to the drug war taking place in the region, or at least, not enough information has been leaked to publicly say it is related. Either way, a hostage-taking had taken place, reminiscent to how the BFM decided to tackle allies of the Hells Angels MC.

Monday night, authorities proceeded in an arrest of a 20-year-old man, whose adobe was located on Rue des Metis in the Charlesbourg sector of Quebec City. Authorities proceeded in the arrest in relation to an armed robbery which had taken place a few weeks before. The suspect not only assaulted and robbed the suspect in question, but had taken him hostage.

The white Elantra used in the crime.

The victim wasn’t tortured in relation to many kidnapping cases which took place earlier on during the year, but had only been taken as a hostage. Authorities deem it is too early to know in which this event is related to the ongoing war which is taking place in the province’s capitol, Quebec City.

The hostage-taking incident did not involve only one individual, but three others more which are being searched for by the SPVQ. The four suspects were seen arriving in a white sedan dated back to 2017-2018 by residential cameras in which occurred at the scene of the crime. The other three suspects are not known by police and even more are not known whether they hailed from Quebec City or the island of Montreal.

The three other suspects authorities are still searching.

Felix Fejzic, 20, appeared in court on Tuesday. The suspect had already appeared many times in the courtroom in relation to drug trafficking. It is unknown whether the three other suspects were known to authorities but not identified properly. Fejzic will be held until June 6th of 2024.

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