Surrey Police Officer: 🔒

A member of Surrey’s new municipal police force was arrested by the RCMP on Tuesday, after a criminal investigation had gone underway. Click here for the global news piece.

“The officer, who has been released on conditions, was hired by the Surrey Police Service in May with a little more than a year of previous policing experience.”

They suspended him without pay – that’ll teach him!

The SPS has the highest paid officers amongst the country and are probably at the top of the list when it comes to corrupt officers. This is just the start. These organizations and gangs have officers on pay roll and instead of ignoring the possibility of it, officials across the country need to start realizing that bad officers do exist.

We saw this in regards to the officer who was charged and arrested for allegedly providing information to the Brothers Keepers. However, because it was one of their own – we haven’t been provided much information and probably won’t with this new case either.

This was the officer who was allegedly charged and kicked off the force for providing confidential information to several gangsters.

We don’t have any information on the officer that was just recently arrested, but once we do get our hands on a picture or any visual identification – we will update this post.

These officers are just as bad, if not worse than these gangs and gangsters. What purpose does a police force serve, if the very ones we expect to protect and serve us are the ones who are assisting these killers and criminals.

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