Tanner Fox Charged Again For Murder:

Tanner Fox – One of Ripudaman’s Killers – ARTICLE HERE

We received breaking news today, in regards to a well known hitman that we’ve previously covered. When Ripudaman Singh Malik was shot to death, we covered a brief story on Tanner Fox and his associate whom were both arrested. We knew something was up, and that’s because a 21 year old kid like Tanner Fox was the last person we would have expected to be behind such a significant hit. Now we’ve verified the fact that this kid was an experienced hitman, whom has just been charged for another shooting death.

This time he’s facing charges in the shooting death of 41-y/o Chad Colivas, on March 21, 2022. Tanner, 21 y/o at the time of the incident, was charged alongside Laetitia Acera; a woman that has been wanted for pretty much her entire life.

Name: ACERA, LAETITIA Angelique Age: 29 Height: 5’7” ft Weight: 161lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Tattoo: Abdomen Left Side- Infinity Wanted: Unlawfully at Large including Break and Enter, Fraud over $5000 and Possession of a Schedule I Substance Warrant in effect: December 2, 2022 Parole Jurisdiction: Surrey, BC

On July 14, 75-year-old Ripudaman Malik was gunned down near his Newton office at 8236 128 Street and died at the scene. Integrated Homicide Investigation Team said those responsible fled in a white Honda CR-V that was later found on fire at 122 Street and 82 Avenue. (VIDEO FOUND HERE)

It turns out that Tanner wasn’t a rookie killer, and was actually experienced by the time he got the big contract in Malik’s death.

Colivas was found murdered in his home, only 3-4 months before Tanner took up the infamous contract-killing in Ripudaman’s death.

Kim was wrong again, when she detailed Colivas death as being not gang-related. We now know that there was obviously a hit on his head, and that’s because TF was an active hitman at the time. It’s safe to say that he probably won’t be seeing the outside of a jail-cell for the remainder of his life. This guy is literally BC’s ‘Flippa’:

His current case alongside 23-year-old Jose Lopez is currently delayed, as lawyers needs more time to analyze evidence disclosures.

We have many uncensored videos and graphic footage that contains weapons/violence that TF is portrayed in. This will obviously be made available for subscribers once his CP is released. He has obviously been pushed in front of the line, as he’s just picked up another murder charge.

When Sujjad got gunned down at the cemetery, TF voiced his opinion ^
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